Managing your time and your merchandise


Welcome back to our Sales Team. Internet World 2008, according to all was a big success. Lots of interest in our site search & navigation solutions, especially the newer products like Cross-Sell and Traffic Builder. I’ve been nudging them for a picture the past few days, so hopefully I’ll have one soon to post here.

On a not so related topic, someone sent me the following series of stats from a 2007 Aberdeen Group study regarding online retailers:

  • 38% derive customer analytics data from site search activity, 31% personalize site search base on the purchase histories of unique customers or segments of customers
  • 41% say they spend very little time managing research
  • Amongst best in class 17% have staff dedicated to managing search results, and 33% spend more than 5 hours per week fine tuning search

What do we learn from all that? That not all retailers are using their time most effectively. That for many it really does pay to have someone else manage their merchandise. Hmmm, can you think of someone who can do that at a reasonable fee?……


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