Rule #1 for Ecommerce Sites


Make sure your site is up and running.

Simple as that.

It is estimated that lost $1.8 million when the website was down for somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half last week. Amazon, of course, is an Ecommerce giant and it’s possible that the only real effect the crash had was to get people talking about the very fact that the site did indeed crash.

But most online retailers cannot absorb that kind of down time.

If you’re site is not accessible, or crashes on a regular basis, it is very likely shoppers will not return. If they do not return, you cannot make a sale.

Therefore, #1 priority, make sure to take all measures to prevent downtime, especially when you know potential shoppers are (always) online.


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2 Responses to “Rule #1 for Ecommerce Sites”

  1. gandcdotcom Says:

    That is one of my biggest fears when I launch. I am not very technical so certain issues may have some lag time while I look to the outside to get help….

  2. EPORIA Says:

    This is exactly why it is critical for any online business to be backed by a high-level ecommerce platform. Down time simply costs too much money!

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