People are not mind readers


An important lesson in both personal and business relations: people are not mind readers. You need to say what you mean.

In response to a comment made by a reader on my previous post, I’d have to say rule #2 for Ecommerce sites is make sure your site is relevant (as in obvious), especially if you’re just starting out or don’t have an easily recognizable brand.

After almost any and every form of correspondence, I look up the person and his or her website, to garner a better impression of the person and his/her business. I am surprised by how often it is difficult to understand what exactly is for sale, i.e., the purpose of the site.

You have to make sure your homepage gives the right impression. Answer the questions who am I? What am I going to do for you?

This article offers some nice tips to consider when designing your homepage. Besides the general content, note the emphasis on clear categorization and accessible search & navigation capabilities.


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One Response to “People are not mind readers”

  1. Max Dyson Says:

    Completely agree with this.

    You should have a different plan on what impression you want to give to potential visitors.

    Are you selling a product? Make it obvious! Use bright big buttons that say “Buy here” or “Click here to buy widget X”.

    It’s incredible how often I seem to come across as website that seems almost ashamed to ask for the order.

    Be bold, be brave, go forth and all that stuff!

    And don’t get me started on relevance! If your website is about animals, then don’t have articles about computers on there! Obvious but I seem this lack of relevance time and time again.

    I have a theory that this is why many websites don’t rank well, for that very reason (lack of relevance).

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