155 Sleeps Away – Get Ready to Sell


According to Santa’s Official Clock, we are more than halfway there – to Christmas, that is. Now if you’re nine years old and see “155 sleeps away,” that probably seems like an awfully long time.

But as a retailer, you know that 155 days, or approximately five months, is almost no time at all.

Not just because time flies, but because there is SO much to do to make sure your online store is ready for the holiday rush. And in a recession year, or as the optimists call it, a weakened economy, every sale counts more than ever.

Of course there’s inventory to order, sales to estimate, and special promotions to devise. Those are the basics, year in, year out. And if you haven’t yet started, then here is your gentle reminder. Today is the day to begin.

On top of the basics, give your online business a boost this year by maximizing your sales. To do so you will need to focus on either improving, or acquiring revenue optimizing tools.

First off, make sure your site is operating at full capacity. Check and double check all existing tools. Is your UI clear, easy (i.e. intuitive) to navigate? Do you have a search box? If so, is it clearly visible to shoppers?

It’s important to remember, your shoppers cannot buy what they cannot find. Make it as simple as possible for site visitors to find what they are looking for, in as few steps as possible.

Are you making the most of every sale? Do you offer shoppers additional recommended products along the way? A good cross-sell solution is a must for all online retailers. Once your shoppers have committed to spend, it’s easier to add on other items.

Christmas is THE shopping holiday. So don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

For a free site evaluation, to determine your site’s preparedness for the holiday season, click here.


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