Bring Me More Traffic


A message we’ve long since repeated is this: shoppers cannot buy what they cannot find.

Site search & navigation is the way to locate products once shoppers have already arrived on your website.

The problem, as all online retailers know, is getting people to your site in the first place: shoppers cannot buy from stores they cannot find.

An interesting article I came upon in Internet Retailing had this to say about online retailers and the quest for more traffic:

“While they understand how to manage and bid on pay-per-click keywords, they fall behind informational and other non-retail sites when it comes to natural search results.”

The article goes on to say:

“Appearing in natural search results is key to a web site’s success. Several studies have shown that consumers’ eyes jump over paid results and go direct to natural. For instance, on Google, one study showed consumers preferring natural results 3 to 1.”

In addition, besides the issue of reliability, SEO, SEM, and PPC costs keep rising. That doesn’t mean you should abandon them, but other avenues need to be explored.

In other words, while in all likelihood it is worthwhile to continue investing in these efforts, it is also advisable to build your natural search rankings.

Additional relevant content, including topical articles are a good addition to any site. The more pages, the more content (particularly dynamic), the more Google spiders will crawl your site. You will also want to increase the number of links to your site and individual products.


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