Better ROI Guaranteed- Pay Attention to What Shoppers Want


Okay, so what does my previous post on Google, Sesame Street and diminishing (or adapting) attention spans have to do with eCommerce?

Well, for starters, I’d say Google’s always a relevant topic. Google is interesting and innovative, and it’s always fun to watch what the big G is up to.

And on a practical level, which eTailer doesn’t have an Adwords account? Doesn’t spend resources on SEO techniques to get to the top of Google’s organic listings? Google is infinitely relevant to online retailers.

As for diminishing attention spans, being able to recognize the different ways humans adapt to absorbing and interpreting information is key for retailers who want to succeed.

When building an online store, you have to think about how shoppers think AND act, both in the physical and virtual domain. You can start with self-inquiry. How do I notice an item in a bricks-and-mortar store? What draws my attention? What makes me more likely to buy?

Now, online, how do I recreate that level of interest, interaction and engagement? What more can I give my customers in a virtual world?

Sure in a mall, there’s the risk that shoppers can physically transport themselves from store to store if they don’t find what they want or are unhappy with the service, but this requires some actual effort.

Online it’s super easy to leave a store. Another store is just a click away. There is almost no investment required for an individual to jump from store to store (the person does not have to physically move, does not have to say no to an inquiring salesperson, feel personally bad about not making a purchase, etc.). That’s why you need to keep your online shop interesting, engaging and easy-to-navigate.

Force shoppers to pay attention to your wares by making them easy to find. Allow spontaneous purchases with one-click shopping. Keep your site fresh and relevant. Adjust with the times, seasons and your inventory. Incorporate interactivity into your site.

In short, make your online store the kind of place you’d like to be. Or as the title says, pay attention to what shoppers want.


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