Onsite search converts 50% better


An interesting research was just posted by one of our UK partners – Screen Pages (see also coverage by e-consultancy). They reviewed 39 sites to find out that shoppers using the search box to locate a product are much more likely to buy – 50% more! Furthermore, guided search (which is what we do J) gets much more people to use the search box (and generates much more sales, as the people using the search box buy 50% more)!

We at Celebros are always amazed by the amount of retailers who make huge investments in their site but seem to forget that if users can not find a product, they can not buy it. And the next store is just a click away!

A good real world salesperson excels in pointing customers to the product that really fits them after a few words of conversation. Not necessarily what they say they want but rather what suites them best / is within their budget / is on sale / gives the best value.

A good online store excels in exactly the same way! e-shops should make sure they quickly take the user to the right product page regardless of the interface: navigation menus, promotion ads or the search box. This is exactly what guided search does. Working behind the scenes and building on an intimate knowledge of the product catalog, we find the most relevant offers and help the user reach them through either interface and in one or two clicks!

And a last note – being in the middle of a hard recession, guided search getting 50% more in sales, is a matter of life and death for every site. Simple as that!


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