Hitting Winners


Okay people.  The tennis grand slam season has begun…that time of the year when it’s actually cool to wear white from head to toe, strawberries and cream are the “it” dessert, TVs are set to 24 hour tennis in the background to life’s dramas and good times.  When a crowd of people gather to watch a tennis game, they seek intrigue, some good thought-out points with a lot of creative execution.  When the game is exciting, the spectators are willing to stay longer, act livelier, and cheer on louder.  If they don’t get those satisfying points, they either leave the stands or change the channel, and are on to the next game of top players that can get them the excitement they desire.  This means less ticket sales, less advertising money…bottom line, less event revenues.

 Similarly, a good site search works the same way.  Your clients are the spectators.  They want an exciting search, one that will bring them the satisfying points, the products they seek.  Each query they type in, they want an ace, a one click winner.  While they could navigate their way around, hitting the ball back and forth, clicking over here and arriving over there, only to arrive back at the at the baseline, it is so much more efficient when the product is found instantaneously, when the point is won with no hurtles at the net, no tough calls…just a plain and simple winner.  More winners…more revenues.

We all think differently, we all have our own passions.  The human brain’s ticking source is triggered by something unique in each one of us.  With a superior site search, the technology is designed to think like your customer, no matter from where they are coming, taking into account previous search behavior, typed in queries, and, consequently, create concepts for products the customers are telling you they want with the vocabulary and train of thought they are using.

You always want to anticipate a winning match…if not, your business may just be left sulking on the sidelines…Invest in your Site Search and come out a winner 🙂


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One Response to “Hitting Winners”

  1. Amelia Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you. Great post.

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