Automatic Satisfaction


Ever find the solution to all your problems to be so obvious that it was staring right back at you? Okay, well let me introduce you to AutoComplete.

Before you even finish typing the product name of what you wish to find, AutoComplete has already found it for you!  AutoComplete automatically presents a pop-up of completed terms or expressions that fit what you started to type. The product you had in mind or needed some guidance to find pops out! You are just one click away from your desired product.AutoComplete

Built on proven search technology, AutoComplete is adapted for your sites’ products and shoppers. Its results are based on the history of their frequent queries combined with products listed in your product catalogue.

AutoComplete makes searching a different experience, more interactive when suggestions of search terms are presented to you. You are being guided towards not only what you want, but also what’s popular. Your site will now have a true top-of-the-line modern search!

Online shopping complicated? Boring? Not anymore!


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