Sales in Site…Search


Well, well, well…look what we have here.

“A solid site search program that produces relevant results with just a few clicks has become top priority for online merchants.”

This is an excerpt from this month’s FEATURED ARTICLE in Internet Retailer Magazine, America’s #1 source of information on e-business strategies for retailers and direct merchants.

Now, I’m not one to gloat, but essentially we have been shouting out the same thing since the beginning of the millennium.

I quote again, “…improved sales show enhanced site search can be a recipe for success.”

Which is the first retailer they use to demonstrate this point?, a Celebros customer, who experienced a 20% increase in average order size since upgrading their site search and navigation with our technology!

And this is only one example of hundreds of other retail success stories, many with even higher percentages of site-search performance.

Adding site search was second only to targeted e-mail among initiatives online retailers plan this year to improve web site performance, according to a survey by the E-tailing Group Inc. It was selected by 69% of retailers responding, up from 65% last.

Bottom-line. If your shoppers cannot find it, they will not buy it. We said it. Internet Retailer’s writing it. Sales numbers prove it. Now, come on people, believe it!


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