Interesting times!


Well, Google (through Google Commerce Search) became a direct competitor in our neighborhood. Welcome 🙂

Rather than talking a whole lot on how the Google product is a “1.0” and pointing out all its limitations (like some of our fellow bloggers have done), I’d like to say something else – our customers are smart, and so is Google.

Nobody expects a “1.0” to provide the same coverage as do products that are out there 5, 6, 8 or more years. However, a newcomer has the advantage of bringing a new point of view and learning from other people’s mistakes. This is why we at Celebros are not quick to judge but rather look to learn.

For clients looking to make an immediate investment the choice is clear. Our products and services provide a complete answer to your needs and are proven through numerous deployments. In the longer run however – clients are looking at Google’s doings with interest and so are we!


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