Conceptual Search Increases Conversions


Today In Google’s search engine news:, a shopper discusses the disadvantages of allowing a company to manipulate the search on their website. (Sorry Tiffe, but I have to disagree with ya.) If you are working with a boutique on-site search company, they customize the search based off of the needs of the website.  eBay/ Yahoo auction stores need real-time results. However, an online shop like Etsy would be able to take advantage of the enhanced search and navigation features that a company like Celebros has to offer. Celebros would ensure that all searches are 100% accurate and relevant. Ultimately this would be a win-win for the business, and the consumers! Customers want to find exactly what they are looking for within a few seconds using their own terms, after all we are not robots.  On-site search provider will organize the data on the website, and produce the results that the online shopper is looking for.

The concept-based semantic site search would be a pure conversions booster for a site such as that offers thousands of sku’s and has hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month.  In-fact,  the site search provided by celebros will work for any size e-commerce merchant regardless of the e-commerce platform in use.


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