E-Commerce Conversion Engineering Seminar with Magento, Nexcess, Celebros and Redstage


Celebros has just completed our first of the e-commerce conversion engineering seminars along with our great strategic partners Magento, Redstage and Nexcess at the popular NYC Village Pourhouse Sports Bar.

In attendance at the event were over one hundred thirsty e-commerce marketers, developers and professionals all eager to learn about the newest conversion technologies offered by Redstage, Celebros and Nexcess for the Magento E-Commerce Platform.

The event included three 15 minute presentations by the event sponsors relating to the optimization of web site conversions.  Ben Nugent, a systems administrator for Nexcess, lead off with advice on optimizing web site performance. Adam Morris from Redstage followed with a presentation on optimizing site design for conversions. The third and final presentation came from Jeffrey Tower, GM of Celebros on the topic of converting additional sales through utilizing site search functionality for better navigation and user experience all within a Magento environment.

As an added bonus to the presentations, Phil Robinson VP of Biz Dev. of Magento also was in attendance to provide a brief update and answer questions on the Magento eCommerce platform, which was recently acquired by eBay, Inc. and to support the powerful and unique partnerships of Nexcess as a Magento hosting solution, Redstage as an Integrator and Celebros as a powerful Concept based Semantic Site Search solution partner for e-commerce stores.


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