Raising the Bar


Since the Bing and Google organic search “war” started, the on-line search experience has improved immensely. In the last 12 months, both Bing and Google leveraged site-search features such as: 

  • “Auto complete” and instant search in the search box
  • Product details including images and pricing as part of the search
  • Refinements, quick view, and user/ expert reviews in the organic search
  •  Social networks involvement via posting products on Facebook and Twitter








As users come to expect an intuitive and effective search experience, they are less tolerant to sites exhibiting “bad Search manners”.

Merchants need to be aware of how popular search engines are changing user expectations, as these are driving search paradigms. To remain competitive, online stores must use third party site-search to ensure their search results are accurate and relevant, refinements are effective, and the search results page provides a similar if not surpassing experience to organic search engines.




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