Site Search – A Must for Internet Retailing


Installing internal site search on a website is beneficial for both the end-users and the website owners. While customers can locate the desired product with ease using the site-search option, website owners can boost their conversion and simultaneously their site revenue.  Celebros, The industry leader in E-Commerce Site Search, offers extremely efficient solutions for website owners to achieve these goals of higher conversion rates, lower site abandonment rates and  and an overall better user experience. 

Site Search – A Must for Internet Retailing!

In order to increase sales, all e-commerce websites should have good content complemented with clear images.  But to enhance the user experience and the conversion rates, a retail website needs more than just a visual appeal.  A website should help customers find what they want easily.  An effective site search is the solution to make navigation effortless and provide the customer the easiest and fastest way to find the products they want using their own language.

Visitors who are accustomed to using the highly-relevant search boxes in regular search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, find it extremely tiresome to navigate through e-commerce sites and find what they actually need or want.  Most users that come to an e-commerce site directly look for the search box as soon as they enter a site.  It is important that website owners consider installing an internal site-search on their website that is both effective, personalized to the customers search language and understanding of the search intent, concepts and semantics in order to provide the most relevant result.

If you are one of those website owners who have not yet installed a competent local site-search technology, then here are some reasons why you should do so.

Benefits for Customers

The internal site search option is a great tool if you believe in a customer-centric approach. Time is a precious commodity, and one of the main reasons why people resort to online shopping is to save time. If you have a website with a complex navigational structure, then it is bound to make them impatient and drive them away. In fact, according to several studies almost 80% of web users leave a site if the local site search option is poor.  Remember, Google is only one click away!

So, if you want your customers to stay around, you need to invest in a competent site-search function.  An efficient site search technology such as the Celebros SalesPerson will give them the most  relevant and personalized results under 0.05 seconds, thereby delivering beyond satisfactory user experience to your customers and increasing your conversion rates by 200% or more!

Furthermore, site owners can offer their customer more ways to convert browsers into customers by using the Cross-Sell feature, the Gift Finder (product finder), AutoComplete with images and top queried products based on your customers search.

Benefits for Site Owners

The internal site search is coveted by end-users for relevancy and ease, but the site owners also benefit greatly from this feature.  The site search can not only boost your conversions and site revenues, but will also help create a brand reputation.  You can also gather valuable marketing information about your customers.  With the right analytical tools, you can get an insight on costumers’ navigational behavior and intentions.

Once you get an idea about your customers’ behavior, you can make adjustments to improve your site’s usability and performance. You will also be able to track new keyword search trends and tweak your content accordingly.  The site-search function also offers new product ideas.  If customers search for a particular product that you don’t offer, then you can even consider offering the same product.

On the whole, the internal site-search offers a lot more than just navigational capabilities.  Website owners, looking for efficient site search services for their online shop, can rely on, the leader in Site Search and Merchandizing and pioneer in search and conversion technologies.

No matter what e-commerce platform you use, Celebros is 100% platform friendly and can be easily implemented onto the platform of choice!


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