Choosing the Right Site Search Solution Made Easy


Effective site search will not only improve the site traffic and sales, but will also enhance user experience to a great extent.   Before going in for a site search option, you should have clarity on what factors determine a good search solution.  All this will help you choose the right internal site search for your site.

Choosing the Right Site Search Solution Made Easy!

Even a well-designed e-commerce site will not show continuous improvement in sales and traffic if it lacks an effective in-site search solution.  A recent survey revealed that around 73 percent of the visitors leave a site within a minute or two if the internal site search results fail to display what they are actually looking for.  The survey results emphasize the importance of having a smarter in-site search solution. Most visitors are impatient and any delay will cause site abandonment.

Unlike site search solutions of yesteryear’s that only displayed a list of products relevant to the search term (text matching), today’s site search enables the website owner to allow the customers to search the site using their own terms and or language to find the product(s) they want their way –  to improve the user experience and making search into a personalized search experience. Choosing the right internal site search solution for your site is easy if you pay attention to a few salient points.

Relevant Results: The obvious purpose of site search is to provide users with the exact product or service that they are seeking, but this is where most solutions fail.  Not every customer will have the patience to continue searching until he/she gets the desired result. So, make sure that the local site search solution you choose should be able to evaluate search query information and learn how visitors search, what keywords are used and what items they ultimately choose. So, the solution should be able to mimic the natural way in which visitors’ process information such as the Celebros Salesperson concept based semantic site search.


Site Search Maintenance: Even the best search solution may not prove to be effective when it is not well implemented or maintained by the site owners. If you’re short of resources for computing and technical support, then look for hosted services (SaaS), which will not call for maintenance or software upgrades.

Site Search Control: It’s always better to go for site search solutions that give you the liberty to promote your products. For instance, you should have the flexibility to prioritize the products on sale or display promotional ads on the result pages.  Celebros offers its customers the ability to add within the search bar an AutoComplete function which will create an even faster search experience and allows for product visuals to appear automatically within the search.

Improvement in Search Solution: Make sure your site search provider constantly finds new and innovative ways to improve your sales.  The best ones are those that can be customized to suit your requirements.

Data Re-purposing: Check if the internal site search solution can help complement your SEO campaigns, apart from working effectively in providing customers with more relevant results. For instance, the results give you an idea regarding the most popular keywords used by customers and products that receive most clicks. This data will in turn help you with page optimization.

Evaluate Site Search Performance: A few site search solutions are integrated with analytical tools, which will help you determine where exactly you need to focus on to improve your business. An alternate way is to try multivariate testing, which will give you an understanding of how changes in search results can impact the conversion rate., the industry leader in E-Commerce Site Search is one such site search provider who uses concept-based search to make navigation through an e-commerce site easy and effective. 


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