Site-Search for Magento based e-commerce stores from Celebros


Site-Search for Magento based e-commerce stores from Celebros

Unlike SQL-based search engines that provide results based on the search term, a concept-based search works based on the product type searched. The basic idea behind conceptual search is to provide the user with fewer, yet more specific results.


Most concept-based search solutions use Natural Language Processing algorithms to differentiate between the various components of the search term. To be more precise, these site search solutions can effortlessly identify which part of the search term is a product, an attribute, or a price range.


A conceptual search not only displays more accurate results for the product that has been searched for, but also shows results that are closely related to the search query. In the end, shoppers get to see what exactly they were looking for, plus a list of other related products that might draw their attention. So, this type of site-search solution will not only widen the scope of search, but will also improve sales and site traffic by providing accurate results every time.


An effective conceptual search solution is the one that is dictionary-based, which means it can efficiently auto-correct spelling mistakes that users are likely to make. Also, there are a few search solutions that recommend synonyms for various products in the site’s catalog, thus enhancing the user experience.


Unlike ordinary in-site search solutions that display the “no result page” for an unavailable product search, certain concept-based search solutions display search results of similar products. So, customers will not have the urge to go out of the site when they don’t find the product they were actually seeking.


Certain concept-based search solutions can even understand price terms and thereby provide a list of products that fit the shopper’s budget. For instance, customers searching for “size 32 beige pants under $30” will be provided with a complete and more relevant list of all the products under the specified price range.


The Salesperson site-search offered by Celebros is the only concept-based site-search solution that has several advantages over its rivals. This in-site search solution brings together all the above mentioned features to help customers navigate through the site quickly and conveniently. It also offers numerous refinement options that will help customers arrive at the right product.


Magento Partners with Celebros to Bring Semantic Site-Search to the Magento Platform

Merchants on Magento can now deploy Celebros’ e-commerce site-search geared towards increased Conversion and Revenues, extending the world’s fastest growing open source e-Commerce platform

“Site-search technology can affect the majority of a store’s traffic, making a critical impact on the store’s performance,” Roy Rubin, CEO and Founder of Magento said. “Celebros has further created the toolset for our Solution Partners to effectively integrate site-search with reviews, ratings, and other compelling content into a unique shopping experience.”



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