“Breakneck Speed, User Friendly, Measurable Value” A First Look at Celebros Salesperson v8 suite



“Breakneck Speed, User Friendly, Measurable Value”

A First Look at Celebros Salesperson v8 suite

“We keep listening to our clients,” explains Celebros CEO Ofer Alt.  “It is our mission to tailor all of our solutions to meet the needs of our clients, and we develop the most innovative solutions available for e-retailers based on that feedback.”   Specifically, Alt is talking about the company’s latest innovation, Celebros Salesperson v8, currently the most powerful site-search and navigation tool on the market. Designed as the ultimate tool for today’s online merchandising professionals, it boasts easy to use features and applications suitable for any size e-commerce site.

Shop till you don’t drop:  Retail Focused

Priding itself as being 100% retail focused, Celebros Salesperson V8 Suite is designed for site search, dynamic navigation and merchandizing excellence. “The v8 (suite) allows online merchants of all sizes to have the effective tools they’ll need to convert visitors and browsers into paying customers, with  results they will see immediately,” Alt explains.

Among v8’s powerful features is the flexibility to instantly create, monitor and update dynamic campaigns.  This is based on active data taken from a shopper’s current choices and search habits.  “Think of it as having a live salesperson on the floor,” says Alt.

The system combines that important user action-based information, including top queries and fallbacks, with streamlined, proactive merchandising features to create instant campaigns, tweak shoppers top queries, add synonyms, create virtual categories and manage refinement display all from one friendly web based tool.

“Perhaps the two most exciting features in the v8 Suite is the ability to create virtual categories™ on the go, allowing merchants to bypass both the time and hassle of making online hard-code changes to shop categories and catalogs while going directly to market with the desired changes and our new technology that allows the merchant to have actual “x-ray” vision of live onsite customer behavior and interaction both in the form of heat-maps – showing where customers are clicking and how they interact with the website and detailing actual live on-the-go clicks/visits down to the page level and detailed analytic reports for each and every page which includes referrals, entry and exit points, time on page, conversions and much much more” Alt explained

Retailers spend a large part of their day giving customers the best online shopping experience — optimizing store performance, monitoring queries and clicks, maintaining their catalog – while trying to reduce “user abandonment.”  Using cutting-edge conversion technologies, Celebros created the new industry revolutionizing v8 Salesperson Suite along with the best of breed Concept-based Semantic site-search, thus simplifying the daily search and merchandizing tasks every retailer faces.

The big idea:  Concept Based Search

Using cutting-edge conversion technologies, Celebros created Salesperson v8 with the “best of breed” concept-based semantic site-search.  This simplifies those daily search and merchandizing tasks every retailer faces.   This new v8 version allows an e-retailer to convert visitors that traditionally were falling by the sideways of the “Long-Tail” – where most revenues are.

For example, explains Alt, knowing your customers means understanding their language. In order to ensure that they get the most relevant products with each search, your synonyms and misspellings have to be covered.  Additionally, having the site understand your customers typing vernacular or colloquial speech can often be the tipping point between leaving your shop or proceeding to the check out point with a cart full of goods. In v8, the Shop Dictionary Tool allows you to easily match unique or often misspelled search terms with known correctly spelled words the system used to tag your catalog.

Warp Speed, Bulls Eye Accuracy

Hundreds of online retailers around the world who use Celebros site-search understand the Celebros difference.  They know that in addition to  relevancy and accuracy, performance can make or break a site-search solution.  To date, Celebros is the only in-memory site-search engine with the record response time of 0.05 seconds per query.  Because search results are indexed and pre-loaded into the system’s memory storage, making it the quickest for returning relevant and accurate search results each and every time.

At a recent demo of the product, viewers were impressed.  “Savvy clients with high merchandizing awareness that started working with v8 were hooked on the product in a matter of minutes,” Alt says.  “We already have several clients lined up for to use it.”

Measurable Value,  Better ROI

Most retailers spend a significant amount of money to bring traffic to their site wither using SEO or SEM, but fall short in converting the traffic once it gets to their site. Celebros addresses this challenge and helps retailers maximize the return on this investment.

“Celebros brings outstanding value to customers who see results immediately after going live with our system solutions,” Alt continues.  The results are dramatic.  One Magento store client that recently went live with Celebros site-search experienced an increase in site-search traffic which contributed to 37% of revenues, with a conversion rate of 8.08% .  That’s more than four times their previous rate of 1.75% with regular navigation.   Per Visit Value increased from $1.41  to  $7.37, with an Average Order Value (AOV) increase of 13%, from $80.70  to $91.21.  Stickiness of the site tripled, with a pages per visit increase from five pages per visit to over 15.   The average time on site more than tripled and their bounce rate was reduced to just over 2% from nearly 49%.

With v8, Celebros continues to offer the industry-breaking technology that is shattering the E-commerce status-quo.  “We empower our clients with a unique edge,” Alt says. “Now online merchants of all sizes will have the capabilities to intelligently convert visitors and browsers into paying customers, something every online merchant wants.”

To see how v8 can revolutionize your site, and to learn more about the see how this innovative tool is shattering the e-commerce site search status quo.  Contact us at sales@celebros.com for a free demo!


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