How Celebros Beat Google To The Future


by Ofer Alt

Earlier today, I noticed a LinkedIn post that read: “Google Gives Search a Refresh.”    Naturally, being an avid user of almost all things Google, I clicked on the link and was somewhat amazed by the article’s title: “With Semantic Search, Google Eyes Competitors.”

Google is, by and large, a text based search engine with semantic search capabilities that delivers rather good results based on keywords entered into the search box.  In an interview with Computerworld, Google Fellow Amit Singhal described how Google “is working to give its search engine a better understanding of the words used in queries.”   He explained that Google’s ability to deliver this experience is just a function of how the search engine understands the question, and also “truly understanding all the data that’s out there. And right now, our understanding is pretty darn limited.”

Singhal continued to describe what he sees as “the next generation of search” based on “how humans understand the world.”  In other words, Google is planning a complete overhaul of its search engine, which will, as Singhal sees it, take them into ‘the future of search.’   As it stands now, he explained, when a user enters a query, “we cross our fingers and hope there’s a Web page out there with the answer.”

Naturally, I thought “Really?  Google??  And then I asked myself this:  Has Google been “misleading” users with false or irrelevant information because of its inability to actually understand the true intent behind the users query?”

Why is it my business to ask this question?

Because site search is my business. And because my company, Celebros, has been providing “the next generation of search” for the past 12 years.

As the recognized global leader in site-search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers, Celebros owns 2 patents and has built its platform entirely on “semantic search” technologies that are powered by our 250 natural language processing (NLP) smart algorithms patents.

Not only has Celebros beaten Google to “the future” by at least 12 years with the fastest (average response times of 0.05 seconds or less) most powerful semantic conversion technologies engine for e-commerce merchants, our patented technology is available in seven foreign languages!

Yes, I admit that our technologies are used by e-commerce websites across the globe vs. the “traditional” content sites but shouldn’t feeding your browsers relevant and correct results be of top priority, I mean isn’t that what search and service is all about?

Since early 2000, Celebros has been empowering e-commerce merchants around the world with powerful semantic based conversion technologies which allow visitors and customers’ to find the products they want using their own natural language and unique terms, “based on how humans understand the world” to quote Singhal.

In essence, we provide a bridge between human language and the merchants’ product catalog.  At Celebros, we like to say that people are not droids.  There is no one specific way to search.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose you are a consumer in the market for a brand new white Japanese car.  You begin your search like most people, on  You type the following query in your natural human language,  “White Japanese Cars.”  But instead of getting relevant, organic results based on your natural query such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda etc. you are shown all kinds of irrelevant links, such as “Why do the Japanese love white cars;” and “Why are so many cars in Japan white?”

This is a perfect example of the error common to text based search, and the way Google currently “services” its customers.

Not convinced? Let me give you another example. Let’s say you are about to get engaged and you are looking for that perfect pink diamond ring you know she loves.  The only problem is that you have a limited budget.  How do you convey your rather simple request on the website in the same way that you would ask a human salesperson?  It’s simple!

With Celebros’ semantic based conversion technologies, a consumer can go to a website and enter into the search bar: “white mens addidas shoes size 13,” and be served with the exact results the customers was expecting.  Now that is relevancy!  No wonder our customers see their average conversions increase 300 – 800%.  Note, we even misspelled the brand name (adidas).

But don’t just take my word for it:  Try it yourself by going to and entering the above query.

Celebros has taken this natural semantic language approach and successfully incorporated the technology into 13 different conversion technologies for e-commerce merchants.  Among them are site search, guided navigation, predictive merchandizing, cross-sell and product recommendations, product finders, rich advanced auto-complete, analytics and more.

I could not have said it any better than Dan Olds, analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group.  “By adding semantic algorithms to the process, the results should be more suited to answering the questions people are actually asking, rather than just delivering keyword matches. The process should also reduce user frustration and “search fatigue.”

Olds’ last point is extremely important.   “Reducing user frustration and search fatigue” is something every e-retailer wants to avoid at all costs.

If you look at the analytics chart below, you’ll see how semantic search keeps a customer engaged – in other words – how it reduces frustration and search fatigue.  Specifically, this represents a live customer who used the semantic site search feature on a site that is equipped with Celebros Conversion Pro V8 suite of conversion technologies.

The two sections, “Visits without site search” and “Visits with site search” tell two very different stories. It is obvious to even the novice that the “visits with site search” segment produces a much greater overall user experience by drastically reducing the bounce rate (users leaving the site) and increasing the time spent on the site by a factor of 3.  Also, in this analytics snapshot, the average amount of pages the visitor viewed per visit, jumped from a mere 5.21 to just over 15

I guess all that is left to say to Google at this point is this:

Welcome to the (present) future.


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  1. Dario Galante (@ItalTranslator) Says:

    Great Company, wonderful ideas behind the project, and smart results too…

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