Beyond site search


by Ofer Alt, CEO

How Celebros is Redefining the World of e-Commerce

    with Conversion Technologies 

In the world of e-commerce, it’s fair to say that all e-retailers share a common goal: To convert browsers into paying customers. While an excellent site search function is key piece of the pie, how a site organizes, catalogs and merchandizes product are crucial ingredients for lowering bounce rates and increasing conversions.

Successful online shops accomplish their conversion goals by making their site easy to search and navigate and by staying relevant with industry trends.

At Celebros, we approach the e-commerce industry from a holistic perspective, with the understanding that no one feature functions in a vacuum.  We provide our customers with an intelligent site search solution, but we know that in order to make that search the best it can be, the site needs good merchandizing information.  Similarly, when analytics are thrown into the mix, the search function becomes that much stronger.  In other words, each component is connected and dependent on the other.

Early on, we recognized that we had an obligation to provide clients with a full spectrum solution.  We saw that when an e-retailer uses different solution providers — ie, one company for site search and merchandizing, another for analytics – the site isn’t optimized because these solutions don’t share a common language.

Our approach: Give our clients the ability to provide the best online shopping experience to their customers, convert browsers into paying customers, and increase revenues.

Celebros responded to the market demand for a one-stop shop solution with a full spectrum of what Celebros calls “Conversion Technologies.”  We took the holistic approach and developed ConversionPro V8, a feature-rich solution that goes beyond site search with 13 conversion technologies, all designed to increase conversions.

Created as the ultimate tool for today’s online merchandising professionals, Conversion Pro V8 boasts easy to use features and applications suitable for any size e-commerce site.  It’s the most powerful and fastest site-search, navigation and merchandizing tool available on the market.

ConversionPro V8’s features include intelligent site search;  auto complete technology; guided navigation; dynamic merchandizing; multi select; virtual categories; gift finder; cross sell and analytics with LiveSights technology.

With ConversionPro V8’s cutting edge conversion technologies, an e-retailer can create a Virtual Category to instantly introduce products as soon as a new trend hits the market or to meet a demand. Creating a Virtual Category is as easy as re-grouping products and creating new points of interest on your site. This feature is unique to Celebros and is not available on any other platform.

Imagine a feature that knows your inventory better than you do! With Cross Sell, e-retailers can expose customers to more products and increase average order size. Like any good salesperson, Cross Sell’s powerful recommendation engine “knows” your inventory and suggests additional items that may be of interest to your customers while they’re shopping.

Another unique feature is LiveSite analytics, which gives a real-time, “under the hood” look at what’s bringing visitors to your site. This also allows merchants to see what those potential customers are doing, why they’re not converting to paying customers, and make adjustments and tweaks as needed.

Successful e-retailers understand that they need a unique edge to stay in the game. Celebros’ conversion technologies continue to give hundreds of online shops that edge with conversion rates that soar 300 to 800 percent.

Join the global Conversion Technologies revolution and go beyond site search.


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