How (Real Time) Analytics Can Help Predict Customer Behavior


by Ofer Alt, CEO

Many e-retailers rely on analytics to monitor customer behavior, evaluate traffic sources and understand which products are selling.    Reports can be generated by Google Analytics, for example, that will provide a good breakdown of what customers are doing when they visit their site.  Valuable information, for sure, but it is all in the past tense. These analytics simply cannot show current activity or fine-tune results, such as identifying where customers are clicking on a given page or what they’re ignoring.

As a result, online retailers can only make changes based on hindsight “reactive”.  While this may help predict some buyer behavior, it is somewhat limiting.  This can also mean lost customers and revenue.

What if you could see what customers were doing on your site, in real time, “predictive”?  And what if you could make meaningful changes, like directing customers to the products you want them to see – or deleting those with lagging sales – while they’re shopping?

You can.  Only Celebros offers a unique “under the hood” look at what’s really happening on your site, while it’s happening.  With our LiveSight Analytics, one of the 13 features included in our ConversionPro V8 Solution, you actually get a real time look at customer behavior.

Here’s how it works:  Using real-time analytics, live Heatmaps and live traffic source tracking, LiveSight converts comprehensive data into visual tools and analyzes visitor behavior and trends while they are on your site.  You see it as a live overlay on your website.

Featured in Mashable’s “Spark of Genius” series, this easy to use technology makes it simple to see exactly how visitors are using and interacting with your site.

By tracking and capturing real time analytics, you’ll be able to make instant changes and updates as needed, because you’ll be able to see how customers are interacting with your site, where they’re clicking, the content they’re searching for, what they’re buying or not buying and why.

Get to know what’s really happening on your site so you can keep it current, relevant and optimized, and tailored to your customers’ buying habits.


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