Three Easy Steps to Promoting Your Most Profitable Products


Merchandizing Best Practices:

Three Easy Steps to Promoting Your Most Profitable Products

By Ofer Alt, CEO

I think it’s fair to say that every e-tailer wants to promote – and sell — their most profitable products. If one of those hi-margin items happens to be the hot product du jour, it may already be flying off the virtual shelf.  But if those products are hard to find on your site, you need to promote them so they come up in search results and end up in your customers’ checkout basket. In other words, implementing a little merchandizing strategy will not only get your customer’s attention, it will bring you higher order values and increased conversions

The solution is easy and quick, and just happens to be one of ConversionPro V8’s most powerful features.  With just three easy steps you can create a promotion campaign that will showcase your most profitable products, narrow down the choices and redirect customers to your top brands.  Smart merchandising will boost your conversions and benefit your bottom line.

1.   Create a Category Promotion Campaign

Let’s say you want to create a Hunger Games category promotion as a tie-in with the wildly successful movie and books series.  Whether your shop sells outdoor survival gear, designer clothes, or jewelry, your Hunger Games category promotion will boost the products you select to show up first in search results without having to manipulate your catalog. The campaign is activated by a shopper’s search query, and hi-end items, like those golden-heel booties or fitted Lurex sweater worn by characters in the film, will come up first.

2.   Create an Alternative Products Campaign

Replacing low margin products with more profitable ones is easy when you create an Alternative Products Campaign. This will also allow you to replace products that typically have a low conversion rate with higher conversion rate products based on market trends and analytics.

3.   Create landing pages and redirect pages for top brands.

Landing pages and redirect pages are another way to bring shoppers to top brands.  These pages can include any information about your special tie-in, free shipping, etc.

So why not give your site an instant conversion boost with a special promotion campaign you can implement in minutes?  It’s a great way to merchandize your hi margin products and you’ll see immediate results.

With a minimal amount of merchandising effort, you’ll see “the odds will ever be in your favor.”

To learn how you can boost your conversions by 300-800% learn more about ConversionPro V8 today.


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