Empower Your Customers’ Online Shopping Experience with Guided Navigation


by Ofer Alt, CEO


For the most part, e-retailers devote an enormous amount of resources into building their site, making it inviting exciting and interesting. That’s all well and good – but are they giving equal time to search and navigation?  Are they giving their potential customers the right tools to find the products they came to buy?

A great looking site – your storefront —  is important for bringing in  the curious, potential customer.  Converting that curious shopper into a paying customer is, of course, your desired goal.  Having a powerful, intelligent site search feature is a key component for any online shop. We know th­­­­­at customers who use site search are responsible for upwards of 55% of an online shop’s total revenue.

Still, there’s a way to enhance that site search experience and give customers an even more powerful shopping experience.  ConversionPro V8’s Guided Navigation feature empowers shoppers by narrowing their search, making your site easy to navigate.  Customers will find exactly what they’re looking for with minimal effort and the most positive results — in the shortest possible time.

Exactly how does this work?  Most people begin a search with vague and non-specific terms and get frustrated with either a lack of specific results or too many returned results.  What they’re missing is the product’s attributes, which, had they input them into the search, would yield better results.  For example, someone searching for a “little black dress” may get too many results become overwhelmed and leave the site.  They didn’t narrow their search because they didn’t dig down deep enough.

What guided navigation does is provide that drop down list of attributes, or facets, for that search and narrows down the choices to a simple click.  Going back to the “little black dress,” the choices could be narrowed by dress length, size, price, manufacturer, fabric, style, etc.  Guided navigation is especially powerful for sites that carry large inventories with a broad range of features, like tools or medical supplies.

So guide your shoppers with ConversionPro V8’s Guided Navigation and give your customers the easiest, most powerful online shopping experience available.  You’ll see your e-shop benefit from impressive conversion rates and increased revenue.


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