Give Your Site the Gift That Keeps on Giving


Reduce Shopper Anxiety and Increase Sales with Gift Finder

by Ofer Alt


We’ve passed the Ides of March and the dreaded Ides of April, which means one thing:        We’re heading right into the next big gift buying season: Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, graduations and weddings galore.  So what better time to highlight a great little feature that will help any e-shop get through this busy time.  It’s an automated “gift expert” that will help your customers find the gifts they want, with a minimum of stress and effort, and a maximum return of happy customers.

The feature I’m referring to is Gift Finder, which, in my opinion, is one of the more underrated and powerful tools you can add to your site.

Gift Finder’s power begins even before a shopper begins their search!

How?  Gift Finder asks specific questions in order to direct customers to the most specific items, and delivers personalized, useful results based on their answers. Not only does this module help relieve the gift giver’s shopping anxiety and stress, it increases the chances the browser will convert to a paying customer.

In other words, Gift Finder performs much like a live sales person would. Who are you shopping for? Is the recipient male or female? What’s the occasion?  What gift category, price range, size, etc.  The combinations can be added to a drop down menu that the shopper checks off, and results are returned quickly and accurately.

Gift Finder is one of thirteen powerful features found in Celebros ConversionPro V8, the only conversion platform that gives you the flexibility to turn your catalog into a dynamic shop that’s relevant, current, personalized and optimized for higher conversions and increased sales.

So make it easier for your customers to shop for all those mothers, fathers, graduates, brides and grooms. Reduce their anxiety and increase your conversions with Gift Finder!


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