Woodworking Tools E-Retailer ToolsToday.com Crafts Higher Conversions With Celebros Conversion Pro V8


Celebros Inc., the global leader in e-commerce site-search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers, announces that ToolsToday.com, an online retailer of premier products for professional woodworkers and home craftsman, is now live with Celebros’ ConversionPro V8.

“With Conversion Pro V8, ToolsToday.com is now equipped with the most powerful and effective solution on the market,” said Ofer Alt, Celebros CEO. “As a retailer that sells premier products, ToolsToday can now offer their customers an enhanced shopping experience with the “best of breed” concept-based semantic site-search, merchandizing and easy navigation tools. We welcome them into the Celebros family.”

“With the feature rich Conversion Pro V8 that includes site search, guided navigation, auto complete, dynamic merchandizing, multi select, virtual categories, gift finder, cross sell, LiveSight HeatMaps and the LiveSite Analytics suite, ToolsToday.com will be able to keep their site fully optimized and moreover, they will see an increase in conversions, higher order values and additional revenue.” said Alt

Conversion Pro V8 is the ultimate tool for today’s online marketing and merchandising professionals specifically designed for online shops like ToolToday.com that have large product inventories and small IT departments. With some 10,000 SKUs, ToolsToday.com is continually optimizing the way users search and navigate their site.

About ToolsToday.com
ToolsToday.com is the online source for fine woodworking cutting tools, including saw blades, router bits, boring bits and other assorted cutters. The company mainly sells Amana products, which are recognized worldwide as the premier brand for the professional woodworker and home craftsman.


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