The Truth behind Long Tail Search Terms and How they Boost ROI


Long tail search terms are group of keyword phrases which are put together to attract specific viewers to a website.   Unlike single keywords, long tail search terms are utilized to give depth to the data placed on the web page and the target audience of the website.  Long tail search terms will allow you to get the quality of traffic that you need, which will increase your ROI that will lead to more profits as well as less spending for unwelcomed clicks on your advertisements.

For online retailers, using long tail search terms is really important to boost your ROI and get your desired results that will benefit your business. Using long tail search terms to advertise your niche will be less expensive in your cost per click biding as your phrase must not be popular. It should be specific as the usual keywords will really cost you a lot. When making long tail search terms, you have to put yourself in the position of the person searching for the information or product that you are marketing. A good means for you to do this is by joining online discussion groups and find out how they’re asking questions. This will provide you with an idea on several good keyword phrases that you should use to benefit your business.

For an instance, you are selling televisions. If you will use the word television as the keyword, it will be too broad and will cost you a great deal from random ad clicks. You can instead use a long tailed search term like “black 3d 55” television with high resolution and internet capabilities”.   This makes more sense for the amount that you will spend to use a specific phrase to represent the product that you are promoting. Using this method will significantly take down on the amount of clicks and views your website gets, which is in fact a good thing if you’re working on your CTR and ROI.

Celebros provides a concept-based site search features as part of its ground breaking ConversionPro V8 suite of conversion technologies which recognizes a visitor’s intent and provides significant and accurate results each time on the first page, which means a customer can simply conduct a long tail search on a website powered by Celebros and find the products they want.  For the merchant this means increased conversion rates as well as revenue for the online businesses.   Their ConversionPro V8 goes beyond site search and features nine enhancing tools including Auto Complete, Multi Select, Gift Finder, Cross Sell, Dynamic Merchandizing, Guided Navigation, LiveSight Analytics and Virtual Categories, which are all designed to improve conversion rates and revenue.

Through using the 250 Natural Language Processing algorithms, the ConversionPro V8 recognizes which word in the question is a product, personal term or expression or attribute related to the price. The site search feature also serves as a bridge between the shopper’s natural language as well as human terminology and the shop’s catalog, which brings shoppers to their desired products using their unique search terms.


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