Why Using Semantic Site Search Technologies vs. Text Technologies will boost your Ecommerce Conversions


It is a fact that online consumers are sometimes busy and are eager to complete the online checkout procedures easily and quickly. Lots of online dealers think that once they’ve gotten the shoppers to the point of sale, their job is already complete and conversions will automatically take place. However, this is not the case.   Abandoned shopping carts can happen for various reasons and in certain cases, it’s the checkout page that’s the problem. Improving the functionality and look of your website can make a significant difference in your conversion rates.

If you have an online store, then you will of course want to get the best possible returns from your investment. There are several ways out there that you can use to make your ecommerce site stand out from the rest and obtain better conversion rates and sales. One way to do this is by benefiting from the site search feature of Celebros ConversionPro V8. Using the 250 Natural Language Processing algorithms, the ConversionPro V8 distinguishes which word in the question is a personal term, a product or expression associated to its price.

The site search features performs as a channel between the shop’s catalog and the natural language of the customer, bringing consumers to the particular products they want through employing their own distinctive search terms. Semantic site search can definitely provide a significant advantage for your business as it is designed to give users an incomparable search experience. This tool gives highly accurate results which are organized categorically and improves your chances of increasing your conversion rates.

While text based site search often does not provide users the kind of results they want, semantic site search definitely offers a uniquely more accurate experience. Whenever users submit a search query to semantic site search, it is returned highly accurate and this has the result of providing users extremely relevant content, assuring that they will not only find what they are searching for, but also learn other significant content.

As you can see, using a tool like this can prove to be very valuable for your business, especially if you are just starting out. Through making use of a highly functional, fast and accurate site search solution, you will not only be able to increase your conversion rates, but you’ll also gain more customers that will patronize your business. Celebros site search is an in-memory solution which has the sites results indexed as well as pre-loaded into the memory. It is also guaranteed to be the fastest for returning relevant search results, which will of course benefit your business a lot. Using this tool will allow your customers to convert on your website by finding their desired products using their distinctive shopping terms and language.

Remember that shoppers use search engines to hunt for services, information and products that they are interested in. A website that uses good tools to increase their conversion rates will definitely achieve success and get the results that they want for their business.


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