Five Steps to Internal Search Analytics Nirvana


Five Steps to Internal Search Analytics Nirvana


# 1: Understand Site Search Usage.

# 2: What are Site Visitors Searching for?

# 3: Measure Internal Site Search Quality.

#4: Three Words: Categories, Attributes, Concepts

# 5: Life Is About Results: Measure Outcomes and Monetize Analytics

I borrowed these 5 bullet points (with a little tweak) and the great title from a blog on Google analytics and you can see the original article here. Everything else is my interpretation from a Celebros point of view.

Here at Celebros we can help you reach your Nirvana and I wanted to talk about these 5 points in more detail.

In the world of Site Search, Google analytics will tell you how many people are using your search box but our Live Sight Analytics feature incorporated into our ConversionPro V8 suite fills in the blanks. It gives you Live Tracking, real time analytics, and heat map overlays.

I should warn you its highly addictive watching that real time customer interaction as it also gives you information about your whole site design. The heat map overlay gives you as much information as a whole room full of volunteers with cameras strapped to their heads recording where they are looking on the site. Monitor your own interaction and see how you place the mouse pointer in the area you’re reading , you’ll even catch yourself moving it in the same way some people use their finger to trace a long a line of text. That’s what a heat map can show you.

Simply listening to people can be one of the most powerful tools you have to achieving success. Active listening is the art of concentrating your mind to hear everything that’s being said or asked for and not just switching off to prepare your reply after the first few words. Here at Celebros we talk about attending to the Long tail and you may have seen our blog on the subject (it’s still on our web site have a look) that’s active listening at its best and our back office tool gives you the list of all search terms used. Not only that but every term can be reacted upon, you can affect what results are shown and even set up a merchandising campaign from the same page to demonstrate to the customer you heard what they asked for and have personalized their experience. Personal shoppers are a premium item in the bricks and mortar store but standard on a Celebros site.

Measuring the search quality, in fact assessing any changes you make to your site can only truly be seen in one area and that’s the bottom line. At Celebros we believe that in putting a suite of products together under the Conversion Pro V8 banner our greatest testimony comes in sharing your success.

Those three words above apply to the quality of your data and how a bridge is built to bring the whole of your catalogue in front of the customer. Have understandable categories and cover all stock attributes and then link the concept of the search term to your catalogue. At Celebros we do the work and our experts build your solution. The greatest tragedy for any site owner must surely be having a search term met with the answer “zero results found”. Just think what you would do with a sales advisor who goes to the warehouse and can’t find an item that the customer is asking for but you know it’s there. That goes on every day if you have a substandard textual search device.

Finally, in the business world we are all ultimately measured by results, you’re only as good as yesterdays, last weeks, last months, or last year’s figures. The power to react to customer behavior or outside environmental changes instantly mean that as good as your analytics package is, without instant reaction it’s just raw data that ultimately tells you where you failed, or where the missed opportunities were. The Celebros back office gives you the power to turn data into Business Intelligence and Monetize Analytics.

If you want to know more then visit out website, message me through LinkedIn, email me at or give me a call on +44 (0)208-816-8998.



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