live analytics for ecommerce conversions


LiveSight Analytics

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Take the guessing work out of your analytics and visually watch your visitors interact with your website!

Live tracking!  Real time analytics!   Heatmap overlays!  Keep your site current and fully optimized!

The powerful analytics technology is now fully integrated into ConversionPro V8, giving you the ability to monitor and analyze shopper’s behavior, in real time. Not only will you benefit from an “under the hood” look at what’s bringing your visitors to your site you will see what those visitors are doing and why they are not converting into paid customers. With this information, you’ll be able to keep your site current, relevant and optimized.

Celebros analytics lets e-retailers see how visitors use their site – where people are clicking, scrolling to, what links brought them to the site, what they are paying attention to or what they are ignoring, valuable information for any online retailer.

Included in the analytics package is a smart feature based on live customer action that shows you what customers are searching for, the amount of clicks from a search term to a product, click through rates, if the products have a sudden decrease in popularity what terms were customers searching that resulted in a fallback. This powerful tool allows the merchant to act upon the live customer usage in real-time by adding or editing synonyms, creating landing pages, new banner pages, redirect campaigns etc. all based off the live reports.

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Celebros analytics featured X-Ray Heatmap technology displays user clicks and mouse movements, and follows live traffic sources through a transparent overlay on your website.

Live Click Heatmaps show’s clicks in real time. So if your visitors are going to parts of your site where there are no links you can add them and capitalize on the traffic.

Mouse Movements Heatmap tracks all scrolls, mouse movements and data entry from visitors and displays high (hot) and low (cold) traffic areas of your website. Talk about UI, you can make sure every inch of your site is generating the activity you want and avoiding frustration that you don’t want.

X-Ray Technology helps you see even more. Not only links but images, flash and buttons are clicked, How far down the page they’ve scrolled,

Overlay Tool Bar is a real-time snapshot of your site’s key metrics using both site-based data and behavioral data. When you have this depth of knowledge in real time, you can react in real time to boost conversions. You’ll know up to the minute which traffic sources are currently referring the most traffic.

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