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Celebros successfully completes full extension and code review with the Magento ECG group

September 27, 2012

Magento Expert Consulting Group’s rigorous review process cements Celebros’ position as the industry leader in site search, merchandizing and navigation conversion technologies.

Celebros, Inc., the leading provider of site search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers, announced today that it has successfully completed a rigorous full Magento extension and full code review by ECG, Magento’s highly respected Expert Consulting Group.

A successful ECG review is the result of a rigorous audit process that demonstrates how the Celebros technology has attained the highest level of code design, product reliability and durability. Magento ECG review also ensures that Celebros conversion technologies conform to stringent code standards and offer customers a single, seamless service for their Magento code.

“Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform in the world,” said Jeffrey Tower, USA General Manager for Celebros. “Magento’s ECG successful review represents yet another big step forward in Celebros’ efforts to equip Magento (online) retailers with the best possible site search and conversion technologies tools.”

Since 2000, Celebros has transformed eCommerce with intelligent, concept-based semantic site search for online stores. Leveraging the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Celebros’ new ConversionPro V8 equip e-commerce merchants with the needed tools to generate additional revenue by converting more site visitors into satisfied customers.

Currently, Celebros technology plays an important role in the success of more than 1,200 eCommerce sites headquartered around the world. Celebros clients include InternetRetailer Top 100/500 companies from a range of industry segments, revenue and catalog sizes – many of which directly benefit from Celebros’ close and ongoing partnership with Magento.

Tower added, “Going forward, we anticipate Celebros’ relationship with Magento to grow and create additional opportunities for both companies.  As online retailing continues to evolve, we look forward to helping Magento clients and other eCommerce companies achieve significant sales growth through the deployment of conversion-focused site solutions.”


Five Steps to Internal Search Analytics Nirvana

August 22, 2012

Five Steps to Internal Search Analytics Nirvana


# 1: Understand Site Search Usage.

# 2: What are Site Visitors Searching for?

# 3: Measure Internal Site Search Quality.

#4: Three Words: Categories, Attributes, Concepts

# 5: Life Is About Results: Measure Outcomes and Monetize Analytics

I borrowed these 5 bullet points (with a little tweak) and the great title from a blog on Google analytics and you can see the original article here. Everything else is my interpretation from a Celebros point of view.

Here at Celebros we can help you reach your Nirvana and I wanted to talk about these 5 points in more detail.

In the world of Site Search, Google analytics will tell you how many people are using your search box but our Live Sight Analytics feature incorporated into our ConversionPro V8 suite fills in the blanks. It gives you Live Tracking, real time analytics, and heat map overlays.

I should warn you its highly addictive watching that real time customer interaction as it also gives you information about your whole site design. The heat map overlay gives you as much information as a whole room full of volunteers with cameras strapped to their heads recording where they are looking on the site. Monitor your own interaction and see how you place the mouse pointer in the area you’re reading , you’ll even catch yourself moving it in the same way some people use their finger to trace a long a line of text. That’s what a heat map can show you.

Simply listening to people can be one of the most powerful tools you have to achieving success. Active listening is the art of concentrating your mind to hear everything that’s being said or asked for and not just switching off to prepare your reply after the first few words. Here at Celebros we talk about attending to the Long tail and you may have seen our blog on the subject (it’s still on our web site have a look) that’s active listening at its best and our back office tool gives you the list of all search terms used. Not only that but every term can be reacted upon, you can affect what results are shown and even set up a merchandising campaign from the same page to demonstrate to the customer you heard what they asked for and have personalized their experience. Personal shoppers are a premium item in the bricks and mortar store but standard on a Celebros site.

Measuring the search quality, in fact assessing any changes you make to your site can only truly be seen in one area and that’s the bottom line. At Celebros we believe that in putting a suite of products together under the Conversion Pro V8 banner our greatest testimony comes in sharing your success.

Those three words above apply to the quality of your data and how a bridge is built to bring the whole of your catalogue in front of the customer. Have understandable categories and cover all stock attributes and then link the concept of the search term to your catalogue. At Celebros we do the work and our experts build your solution. The greatest tragedy for any site owner must surely be having a search term met with the answer “zero results found”. Just think what you would do with a sales advisor who goes to the warehouse and can’t find an item that the customer is asking for but you know it’s there. That goes on every day if you have a substandard textual search device.

Finally, in the business world we are all ultimately measured by results, you’re only as good as yesterdays, last weeks, last months, or last year’s figures. The power to react to customer behavior or outside environmental changes instantly mean that as good as your analytics package is, without instant reaction it’s just raw data that ultimately tells you where you failed, or where the missed opportunities were. The Celebros back office gives you the power to turn data into Business Intelligence and Monetize Analytics.

If you want to know more then visit out website, message me through LinkedIn, email me at or give me a call on +44 (0)208-816-8998.


July 15, 2012


I write this as somebody who has been involved in e-commerce and specifically site search for a number of years now, but my background was in retail on the front line. I have sat on the fitting stool, stood behind the cash register, done meet and greet at the door, been an overworked assistant store manager then run operations like Best Buy and left the industry as a field based regional executive. So I can offer a personal relevant perspective to those of you who are exploring the online channel.

Your online store may have been up and running for a decent period of time now and yes you are generating sales. Let’s face it you have paid enough to designers, integrators and digital agencies so you know it looks the part. You may also have paid out to those agencies offering to get you traffic, you have been optimized, modified, tagged and analyzed. To quote the Field Of Dreams “if you build it – they will come”, so, you have built it, they have come and yet they are not spending money, they are not converting into paying customers in the same way that somebody who made the effort to visit your bricks and mortar store is.


The reason for this is simple, either they found what they wanted but had an objection to buying it, (be it product, service or price ) OR they couldn’t find what they were looking for or even see something they wanted that was on your stock file. And that is OUR problem because that’s what we do. We can serve the customer with search results that are relevant to their enquiry and we can show them additional items that complement the item they are buying to increase your average order size. We can also merchandize your store so that your long tail is being constantly displayed; your best margin products get prominence (because we care for your bottom line) and requests for products your shop doesn’t carry are met with a suitable alternative. To round this off and keep it very simple – we have the best set of tools to enable you to reach record conversion and customer satisfaction numbers.

To put this in a real world perspective let me draw you an analogy:

You have just opened your finest high street flagship store, you have spent a fortune on the building, fixtures and fittings, your buyers have sourced the finest inventory at amazing prices, you have advertised in the national papers on TV and radio. The customers are queuing out the door but when they come in they are just not going to the checkouts. The problem is there is no staff on the floor, or the one staff member there can’t understand what the customer is asking for or is “ignorant” of what’s in stock and when he gets asked he just sulkily says you don’t carry products fitting the customer’s request and all but sends them next door. There is no information about the products anywhere (such as sizes, prices or colors) so nobody can find anything. The windows aren’t dressed so passing traffic won’t enter. There are no floor stacks to act as an impulse purchase, things are priced but the great offers aren’t highlighted and on top of all this the security cameras are off and the managers are in the cafeteria so no one is watching the customer behavior.


Now let’s see that scenario with a Celebros team in store:

Customers are met at the door, and politely asked what they are looking for. Then the smart multi-lingual assistant who understands true meaning behind any inquiry (in any language) walks the customer to the correct department, takes them down the right aisle, stops at the correct shelf and points to the most relevant item the customer is most likely to place in their basket. This item comes with all relevant attributes requested by the shopper (color, size, etc.).

On top of this as the customer is being escorted across the store various relevant offers pop up indicating famous brands or popular items in that department, items on sale and a free delivery service. When the item goes in the basket the assistant shows the customer relevant items they might also like, not just batteries or accessories, but items other people have historically bought with the same item.

So now you have a sales floor manager on a one to one basis for every customer, who is also recording what they touched, how long they read the label for, whether they turned it over and read the back, he follows them round the store and notes how long it takes to walk down each aisle, everything they did in fact whilst in the store. Being a gifted floor manager, he remembers this information and will use it for other customers who demonstrate the same behavior.

Sounds better, doesn’t it? This is what Celebros can do for you.

Visit our site for more details on our new ConversionPro V8 suite of conversion technologies including our best of breed award winning Semantic Site Search technology.


About The Author- Nick Dryer is the Celebros Sales Manager for all territories other than the Americas. Prior to this position he worked as Customer Relations Manager for companies such as Apple and Mio, after spending over 20 years in the UK Retail sector with companies such as The Link, PC World and Russell and Bromley.



Celebros is Revolutionizing the e-Commerce Shopping Experience

June 18, 2012

Celebros is the global leader in site search, navigation, merchandizing and conversion technologies but that hasn’t always been the case. Not too long ago Celebros was a sole provider of site search but realized they could offer a great deal more to e-Commerce merchants. Celebros created ConversionProV8 which is a feature-rich suite with not only a concept-based semantic site-search but nine cutting-edge features. This revolutionary technology has helped Celebros become an international leader, catapulting the company to the top of the e-Commerce industry, and has their competition scratching their heads.

At the recent Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE 2012) held in Chicago everyone was “buzzing” about the overwhelming response to ConversionProV8.

E-commerce retailers, partners and even the competition wanted to experience first-hand how the features worked and get a closer look at how this leading conversion technology suite is transforming the e-Commerce retailer’s website and business.

“Since we implemented Celebros’ ConversionProV8, our search results have been vastly improved,” said Jody Sherman, CEO and Co-Founder of  “The speed of results and the positive impact on our server loads has really helped with our capacity as well.  It’s also by far the easiest Magento integration we’ve had.”

“Our conversion technologies will give e-Commerce retailers the most powerful and effective tools available to convert visitors and browsers into actual paying customers,” said Ofer Alt, CEO of Celebros. “We believe that Celebros’ ConversionProV8 will give e-Commerce retailers the necessary features to simplify their customers shopping experience.”

Celebros’ ConversionProV8 solution is the most powerful site-search merchandizing and navigation tool on the market. Designed as the ultimate tool for today’s online merchandizing and e-commerce professionals with the “best of breed” concept-based semantic site-search, ConversionProV8 simplifies daily search and merchandizing tasks that every e-tailer faces.  ConversionProV8 has nine features that set them apart from the competition. This state of the art suite was designed for and by e-commerce professionals.  The nine features include:1.    

  1. Concept-based natural language Site Search understands a shopper’s intent and returns relevant and accurate results – on the first page – with a response time of 0.05 seconds or less, every time
  2. Advanced Auto Complete completes your customer’s search terms as they type, returning accurate results with lightning fast speed. Your most popular products are matched to the most popular queries, perfectly showcasing your catalog
  3. Multi-Select Navigation enables customers to select multiple values or attributes in the same search. The Multi-Select tool enhances user experience by allowing shoppers to select multiple options in each search thus being able to find what they want faster and in the same way they would look for in a real shop
  4. Guided Navigation is the most popular tool for online shoppers. By connecting your shop’s navigation and search you are streamlining the shopping experience in your shop there for allowing your customers to search and navigate for products they want with the least amount of effort and the most positive results
  5. Cross-Sell is a feature that knows your inventory better than you do. Expose customers to more products, increase average order size! Like any good salesperson, Cross Sell’s powerful recommendation engine “knows” your inventory and suggests additional items that may be of interest to your customers while they’re shopping
  6. Virtual Categories help to instantly introduce new product groups to match market trends and demands. Creating new points of interest in your shop without manipulating your catalog has never been so easy
  7. Dynamic Merchandizing Engine allows you to create banner campaigns, redirect landing pages and other campaign types in just minutes
  8. Gift/Product Finder guided shopping funnel directs shoppers to what they are looking for, immediately delivering useful and personalized results based on the user input
  9. LiveSight Analytics helps you get an “under the hood” look at what’s bringing your visitors to your site. See what your visitors are focusing on while visiting your site, what they click on and why they are not converting into paid customers.

Celebros ConversionProV8 is the ultimate solution for action rich features designed for e-Commerce excellence.  If you haven’t seen the Conversion ProV8 demonstration you will definitely want to experience what e-Commerce merchants are raving about.

For more information, please visit, follow Celebros on Twitter at or “Like Us” on Facebook at

Celebros and Classy Llama Studios Partner Bringing Revolutionary Conversion Technologies to Magento E-Commerce Sites

May 30, 2012

Magento Partners deliver Conversion ProV8 suite of Conversion Technologies resulting in dramatically higher conversion rates while improving overall shopping experience.

Celebros Inc., the global leader in site search, navigation, merchandizing and conversion technologies, announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Classy Llama Studios, a Magento Gold Partner and Site Integrator, to provide the ConversionPro V8 suite of Conversion Technologies to their Magento Enterprise clients helping to dramatically increase conversion rates by 300-800% while providing a boost to the overall shopping experience.

Classy Llama Studios is a full-service eCommerce firm specializing in eCommerce strategy, marketing, creative, and development, all centered around the Magento Enterprise platform. They worked with a number of platforms prior to Magento, but when Magento was released back in March of 2008, they knew it would become the gold standard for eCommerce. They immediately began investing in the Magento ecosystem, and launched one of the first Magento eCommerce sites. Since then, they have completed over 70 sites, many of them requiring a deep level of software development finesse, on the Magento platform and are working with many of those companies to bring their businesses to the next level. They are excited at what Magento Enterprise has become over the years and see this growth continuing for a long time into the future!

“One of the strengths with Magento is its ability to easily integrate services like Celebros,” said Rob Tull, Director of Solutions at Classy Llama Studios. “With semantic search being the future of search, we have recommended and will continue to recommend Celebros suite of conversion technologies as a great search, navigation and merchandizing solution for the Magento platform. We continue to appreciate our relationship with Celebros because in addition to their unique search offering, they are great to work with and responsive to our inquiries and the needs of our clients.

“Magento has provided the tools to developers and strategic industry partners to build the best e-Commerce platform and experience available. Our partnership with Classy Llama Studios, one of the leading Site Integrators for Magento stores, will enable merchants to realize untapped sources of revenue and empower their customers to find the products they want with ease using their own language,” said Ofer Alt, CEO of Celebros. “They have a total of nine Magento Certified Developers with seven having the distinction of the Plus certification. This means that they have more Certified Developers than any company in the world. They also have the privilege of being a member of the Developer Certification Board. It will enable Classy Llama Studios to continue to be able to find and create dependable solutions for their Magento eCommerce stores and be able to provide results that work as expected.”

“As a Magento Gold Partner, we’re focused on advancing this evolution and partnering with Classy Llama Studios. This will allow Celebros to rapidly grow and provide the ConversionPro V8 suite of Conversion Technologies to even more users of the Magento platform. The Celebros hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that makes a difference to hundreds of top online-shops globally, dramatically simplifies implementation and lowers the barriers to benefit from the cutting edge search and merchandising capabilities.”

“Site-search technology can affect the majority of a store’s traffic, making a critical impact on the store’s performance,” Roy Rubin, CEO and Founder of Magento said. “Celebros has further created the toolset for our Solution Partners to effectively integrate site-search with merchandizing, navigation, reviews, ratings, and other compelling content into a unique shopping experience.”

About Classy Llama Studios
Classy Llama Studios is a leading eCommerce agency and an industry leader in Magento development. They specialize in eCommerce strategy, marketing, creative and development. Classy Llama Studios works with eCommerce merchants who want to take their eCommerce business to the next level by implementing eCommerce best practices powered by solid technology implementation and effective design.

About Magento
Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform with over 225 solution providers, 100,000 merchants and brands worldwide and a host of Industry Partners that create applications and extensions for the Magento platform. Magento is a feature-rich, professional Open Source eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Based in Los Angeles, Magento is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial organization dedicated to the mission of enabling the eCommerce ecosystem.

About Celebros
Celebros, Inc. is the global leader in e-Commerce site-search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers. Celebros revolutionized e-Commerce by creating intelligent, concept-based search for online retailers. Since that time, Celebros has emerged as the industry leader in conversion technologies, developing a patented cutting edge search solution that employs the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology available. Celebros is the only provider of conversion technologies that is available in seven languages. Celebros customers include over 400 e-Commerce retailers and merchants in eleven countries, including the United States, Europe and Asia. A number of these are among Internet Retailer’s Top 100/500 companies. The privately held Celebros is headquartered in northern New Jersey, with offices in California, Israel, London, Munich and Paris. For more information, please visit, follow Celebros on Twitter at or “Like Us” on Facebook at

We released the new Celebros Conversion Technologies video

May 24, 2012

After endless hours of research, writing, screening, voice overs, sketches, cat fights and a whole lot of love we are happy to announce that the all new Celebros Conversion Technologies video is live and ready for screening.

Place your favorite bag of popcorn in the nuker, sit back and enjoy the flick!

Oh yeah, share it!

How (Real Time) Analytics Can Help Predict Customer Behavior

March 27, 2012

by Ofer Alt, CEO

Many e-retailers rely on analytics to monitor customer behavior, evaluate traffic sources and understand which products are selling.    Reports can be generated by Google Analytics, for example, that will provide a good breakdown of what customers are doing when they visit their site.  Valuable information, for sure, but it is all in the past tense. These analytics simply cannot show current activity or fine-tune results, such as identifying where customers are clicking on a given page or what they’re ignoring.

As a result, online retailers can only make changes based on hindsight “reactive”.  While this may help predict some buyer behavior, it is somewhat limiting.  This can also mean lost customers and revenue.

What if you could see what customers were doing on your site, in real time, “predictive”?  And what if you could make meaningful changes, like directing customers to the products you want them to see – or deleting those with lagging sales – while they’re shopping?

You can.  Only Celebros offers a unique “under the hood” look at what’s really happening on your site, while it’s happening.  With our LiveSight Analytics, one of the 13 features included in our ConversionPro V8 Solution, you actually get a real time look at customer behavior.

Here’s how it works:  Using real-time analytics, live Heatmaps and live traffic source tracking, LiveSight converts comprehensive data into visual tools and analyzes visitor behavior and trends while they are on your site.  You see it as a live overlay on your website.

Featured in Mashable’s “Spark of Genius” series, this easy to use technology makes it simple to see exactly how visitors are using and interacting with your site.

By tracking and capturing real time analytics, you’ll be able to make instant changes and updates as needed, because you’ll be able to see how customers are interacting with your site, where they’re clicking, the content they’re searching for, what they’re buying or not buying and why.

Get to know what’s really happening on your site so you can keep it current, relevant and optimized, and tailored to your customers’ buying habits.

How Celebros Beat Google To The Future

March 18, 2012

by Ofer Alt

Earlier today, I noticed a LinkedIn post that read: “Google Gives Search a Refresh.”    Naturally, being an avid user of almost all things Google, I clicked on the link and was somewhat amazed by the article’s title: “With Semantic Search, Google Eyes Competitors.”

Google is, by and large, a text based search engine with semantic search capabilities that delivers rather good results based on keywords entered into the search box.  In an interview with Computerworld, Google Fellow Amit Singhal described how Google “is working to give its search engine a better understanding of the words used in queries.”   He explained that Google’s ability to deliver this experience is just a function of how the search engine understands the question, and also “truly understanding all the data that’s out there. And right now, our understanding is pretty darn limited.”

Singhal continued to describe what he sees as “the next generation of search” based on “how humans understand the world.”  In other words, Google is planning a complete overhaul of its search engine, which will, as Singhal sees it, take them into ‘the future of search.’   As it stands now, he explained, when a user enters a query, “we cross our fingers and hope there’s a Web page out there with the answer.”

Naturally, I thought “Really?  Google??  And then I asked myself this:  Has Google been “misleading” users with false or irrelevant information because of its inability to actually understand the true intent behind the users query?”

Why is it my business to ask this question?

Because site search is my business. And because my company, Celebros, has been providing “the next generation of search” for the past 12 years.

As the recognized global leader in site-search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers, Celebros owns 2 patents and has built its platform entirely on “semantic search” technologies that are powered by our 250 natural language processing (NLP) smart algorithms patents.

Not only has Celebros beaten Google to “the future” by at least 12 years with the fastest (average response times of 0.05 seconds or less) most powerful semantic conversion technologies engine for e-commerce merchants, our patented technology is available in seven foreign languages!

Yes, I admit that our technologies are used by e-commerce websites across the globe vs. the “traditional” content sites but shouldn’t feeding your browsers relevant and correct results be of top priority, I mean isn’t that what search and service is all about?

Since early 2000, Celebros has been empowering e-commerce merchants around the world with powerful semantic based conversion technologies which allow visitors and customers’ to find the products they want using their own natural language and unique terms, “based on how humans understand the world” to quote Singhal.

In essence, we provide a bridge between human language and the merchants’ product catalog.  At Celebros, we like to say that people are not droids.  There is no one specific way to search.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose you are a consumer in the market for a brand new white Japanese car.  You begin your search like most people, on  You type the following query in your natural human language,  “White Japanese Cars.”  But instead of getting relevant, organic results based on your natural query such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda etc. you are shown all kinds of irrelevant links, such as “Why do the Japanese love white cars;” and “Why are so many cars in Japan white?”

This is a perfect example of the error common to text based search, and the way Google currently “services” its customers.

Not convinced? Let me give you another example. Let’s say you are about to get engaged and you are looking for that perfect pink diamond ring you know she loves.  The only problem is that you have a limited budget.  How do you convey your rather simple request on the website in the same way that you would ask a human salesperson?  It’s simple!

With Celebros’ semantic based conversion technologies, a consumer can go to a website and enter into the search bar: “white mens addidas shoes size 13,” and be served with the exact results the customers was expecting.  Now that is relevancy!  No wonder our customers see their average conversions increase 300 – 800%.  Note, we even misspelled the brand name (adidas).

But don’t just take my word for it:  Try it yourself by going to and entering the above query.

Celebros has taken this natural semantic language approach and successfully incorporated the technology into 13 different conversion technologies for e-commerce merchants.  Among them are site search, guided navigation, predictive merchandizing, cross-sell and product recommendations, product finders, rich advanced auto-complete, analytics and more.

I could not have said it any better than Dan Olds, analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group.  “By adding semantic algorithms to the process, the results should be more suited to answering the questions people are actually asking, rather than just delivering keyword matches. The process should also reduce user frustration and “search fatigue.”

Olds’ last point is extremely important.   “Reducing user frustration and search fatigue” is something every e-retailer wants to avoid at all costs.

If you look at the analytics chart below, you’ll see how semantic search keeps a customer engaged – in other words – how it reduces frustration and search fatigue.  Specifically, this represents a live customer who used the semantic site search feature on a site that is equipped with Celebros Conversion Pro V8 suite of conversion technologies.

The two sections, “Visits without site search” and “Visits with site search” tell two very different stories. It is obvious to even the novice that the “visits with site search” segment produces a much greater overall user experience by drastically reducing the bounce rate (users leaving the site) and increasing the time spent on the site by a factor of 3.  Also, in this analytics snapshot, the average amount of pages the visitor viewed per visit, jumped from a mere 5.21 to just over 15

I guess all that is left to say to Google at this point is this:

Welcome to the (present) future.

Celebros Announces Launch of with the Celebros Salesperson Site Search for Magento Stores

December 5, 2011

Celebros, the first site-search partner for the e-commerce giant Magento, and global industry leader of site search, navigation, and conversion technologies for online retailers, announces the launch of live with Celebros Salesperson Site-Search for Magento E-Commerce stores.

Celebros and Magento, the global open source e-Commerce platform provider, recently formed a partnership to bring the Celebros Salesperson site-search and merchandizing capabilities to Magento Enterprise, Magento Professional and Magento Community customers.

“Celebros has created the tools for our Solution Partners to effectively integrate site-search with reviews, ratings and other compelling content into a unique shopping experience,” explained Roy Rubin, CEO and Founder of Magento.  “Our Solution Partners are experiencing the benefits of Celebros’ Saleperson Site Search, with a positive effect on their store’s traffic and performance.”


Having the ability to automate and streamline key search-merchandizing activities at top speed will improve the site’s effectiveness and free up more time for creative campaigns that ultimately increase sales.   With Celebros’ Salesperson Site Search, can simplify daily merchandizing tasks such as redirecting customers to promotion pages, implementing auto complete or flagging different banners for search queries.  To date, Celebros is the only in-memory site-search engine with the record response time of 0.05 seconds or under per query. 

“Magento has fundamentally changed the e-Commerce platform game by rapidly growing an active community of Solution Partners and developers,” said Ofer Alt, CEO of Celebros. “It has really opened the door for broader innovation by merchants who had previously been priced out of the cutting edge of e-Commerce.”

“As a Magento Enterprise Partner, we’re focused on advancing this encouraging evolution. The Celebros hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that makes a difference to hundreds of top online-shops globally, dramatically simplifies implementation and lowers the barriers to benefit from the cutting edge search and merchandising capabilities.  We are pleased to welcome, a Magento customer, to implement this service and look forward to helping more Magento stores meet their unique business and conversion goals by providing the best Site-Search and navigation in the industry, ” added Alt.

About Magento 

Magento is a feature-rich, professional Open Source e-Commerce platform solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Magento’s intuitive administration interface features powerful marketing tools, a catalog-management engine and is SEO optimized to give merchants the power to create sites that provide an unrivaled and rich online shopping experience for their customers, tailored to their unique business needs. Designed to be completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network, Magento is the ultimate e-Commerce solution. For more information about Magento, visit

About sells a range of exceptional bath and body products using  the finest natural ingredients.  All products are manufactured and packaged by Sabon Israel and shipped worldwide.  For more information about, visit

About Celebros
Celebros, Inc. is the global leader in site-search, merchandizing, recommendations and mobile commerce for online retailers. Through its intelligent s concept-based search, Celebros site-search understands the shopper’s intent, and returns relevant and accurate results which translate into increased Conversion Rate and Revenues for online stores.  For more information, visit

Site Search – A Must for Internet Retailing

August 19, 2011

Installing internal site search on a website is beneficial for both the end-users and the website owners. While customers can locate the desired product with ease using the site-search option, website owners can boost their conversion and simultaneously their site revenue.  Celebros, The industry leader in E-Commerce Site Search, offers extremely efficient solutions for website owners to achieve these goals of higher conversion rates, lower site abandonment rates and  and an overall better user experience. 

Site Search – A Must for Internet Retailing!

In order to increase sales, all e-commerce websites should have good content complemented with clear images.  But to enhance the user experience and the conversion rates, a retail website needs more than just a visual appeal.  A website should help customers find what they want easily.  An effective site search is the solution to make navigation effortless and provide the customer the easiest and fastest way to find the products they want using their own language.

Visitors who are accustomed to using the highly-relevant search boxes in regular search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, find it extremely tiresome to navigate through e-commerce sites and find what they actually need or want.  Most users that come to an e-commerce site directly look for the search box as soon as they enter a site.  It is important that website owners consider installing an internal site-search on their website that is both effective, personalized to the customers search language and understanding of the search intent, concepts and semantics in order to provide the most relevant result.

If you are one of those website owners who have not yet installed a competent local site-search technology, then here are some reasons why you should do so.

Benefits for Customers

The internal site search option is a great tool if you believe in a customer-centric approach. Time is a precious commodity, and one of the main reasons why people resort to online shopping is to save time. If you have a website with a complex navigational structure, then it is bound to make them impatient and drive them away. In fact, according to several studies almost 80% of web users leave a site if the local site search option is poor.  Remember, Google is only one click away!

So, if you want your customers to stay around, you need to invest in a competent site-search function.  An efficient site search technology such as the Celebros SalesPerson will give them the most  relevant and personalized results under 0.05 seconds, thereby delivering beyond satisfactory user experience to your customers and increasing your conversion rates by 200% or more!

Furthermore, site owners can offer their customer more ways to convert browsers into customers by using the Cross-Sell feature, the Gift Finder (product finder), AutoComplete with images and top queried products based on your customers search.

Benefits for Site Owners

The internal site search is coveted by end-users for relevancy and ease, but the site owners also benefit greatly from this feature.  The site search can not only boost your conversions and site revenues, but will also help create a brand reputation.  You can also gather valuable marketing information about your customers.  With the right analytical tools, you can get an insight on costumers’ navigational behavior and intentions.

Once you get an idea about your customers’ behavior, you can make adjustments to improve your site’s usability and performance. You will also be able to track new keyword search trends and tweak your content accordingly.  The site-search function also offers new product ideas.  If customers search for a particular product that you don’t offer, then you can even consider offering the same product.

On the whole, the internal site-search offers a lot more than just navigational capabilities.  Website owners, looking for efficient site search services for their online shop, can rely on, the leader in Site Search and Merchandizing and pioneer in search and conversion technologies.

No matter what e-commerce platform you use, Celebros is 100% platform friendly and can be easily implemented onto the platform of choice!

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