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Celebros successfully completes full extension and code review with the Magento ECG group

September 27, 2012

Magento Expert Consulting Group’s rigorous review process cements Celebros’ position as the industry leader in site search, merchandizing and navigation conversion technologies.

Celebros, Inc., the leading provider of site search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers, announced today that it has successfully completed a rigorous full Magento extension and full code review by ECG, Magento’s highly respected Expert Consulting Group.

A successful ECG review is the result of a rigorous audit process that demonstrates how the Celebros technology has attained the highest level of code design, product reliability and durability. Magento ECG review also ensures that Celebros conversion technologies conform to stringent code standards and offer customers a single, seamless service for their Magento code.

“Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform in the world,” said Jeffrey Tower, USA General Manager for Celebros. “Magento’s ECG successful review represents yet another big step forward in Celebros’ efforts to equip Magento (online) retailers with the best possible site search and conversion technologies tools.”

Since 2000, Celebros has transformed eCommerce with intelligent, concept-based semantic site search for online stores. Leveraging the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Celebros’ new ConversionPro V8 equip e-commerce merchants with the needed tools to generate additional revenue by converting more site visitors into satisfied customers.

Currently, Celebros technology plays an important role in the success of more than 1,200 eCommerce sites headquartered around the world. Celebros clients include InternetRetailer Top 100/500 companies from a range of industry segments, revenue and catalog sizes – many of which directly benefit from Celebros’ close and ongoing partnership with Magento.

Tower added, “Going forward, we anticipate Celebros’ relationship with Magento to grow and create additional opportunities for both companies.  As online retailing continues to evolve, we look forward to helping Magento clients and other eCommerce companies achieve significant sales growth through the deployment of conversion-focused site solutions.”


Best Practices – How to Capitalize on your Long Tail

March 13, 2012

By Ofer Alt, CEO Celebros


Retailers are constantly looking for ways to increase revenue on their online shop. One area they simply cannot afford to ignore is known as the “Long Tail,” those less-searched keyword variations, that is too often, a source of missed revenue.

Statistics indicate that popular search terms account for only 30% of overall searches performed on the web, while the remaining 70% of search queries occur within the so-called “Long Tail.”  For some stores, the Long Tail percentage is even more impressive. In fact, one of our customers reported that as much as 91.5% of his site’s revenue was generated by the Long Tail!

Most e-retailers work under the assumption that if they check their Top 50 search terms frequently and make manual adjustments to show relevant search results, they are covered.   However,  what they fail to realize is that even if they did an excellent job ensuring the Top 50 search terms show good results (assuming these don’t change on a daily/weekly basis), they still have theoretically maximized only 5 to 10% of revenue!

How can you maximize profits from your Long Tail? Here are four practical suggestions:

  • Start with an intelligent site search engine, one that understands human language and the semantic function of each word in a search query.   An intelligent search engine will guarantee that relevant results are generated for your Long Tail and more importantly, will recommend a similar item if the brand/category/item is not available.


  • Make sure your site has a good catalog classification tool, complete with attribute and synonym management capabilities.  This will increase the chances that your products are included in relevant categories and are easily found.


  • Give your site the ability to add new categories according to changing consumer habits and trends without manipulating your catalog’s data. The regrouping of products from different catalog categories supports Long Tail search queries and creates extended merchandizing capabilities with new, relevant points of interest.


  • Give your site the ability to quickly and easily optimize your search solution to support your shoppers unique language and constantly evolving vernacular.  This enables even the most eccentric search words to immediately bring up relevant results.

Measurable Value – What the Long Tail Really Means to Online Stores

February 16, 2012


An article by Ofer Alt, CEO

At Celebros, we’ve built our reputation on delivering outstanding, measurable value to customers. Our Site Search solution helps customers maximize revenue by properly servicing the “Long Tail,” a source of often missed revenue.

Most e-retailers understand that their Top Search Queries (often called Top Search Terms) need to be validated to show relevant search results.  They tend to check the Top 20 or Top 50 search terms frequently and make manual adjustments to show relevant search results.

There is a better way to maximize this hidden source of revenue. By reviewing and optimizing  the full list of Top Search Queries, the information would become more accessible.  But it also a cost-prohibitive and daunting job.

So what’s the best way to maximize revenue? By using an intelligent site search engine, one that understands human language, map a visitor’s request  and find the available product in the store’s catalog.  Intelligent search will also recommend a similar item if the brand/category/item is not available.

Let me illustrate with the results one of our customers shared with us.  (visitors using over 15,000 search terms)

• Site Search traffic contributed to $72,200 per month

• The Top 50 search queries generated $6,100 p/m (only 8.5% of revenues!)

– meaning that 91.5% of the revenues were generated by the Long Tail!

• The Top 250 search queries generated $14,600 p/m (only 20.2% of revenues)

• The Top 500 search queries generated $23,200 p/m (only 32.1% of revenues)

This tells us that even if the retailer did an excellent job making sure that the Top 50 search terms show good results (assuming these don’t change on a daily/weekly basis (a wrong assumption) ), then the retailer has theoretically maximized only 5 to10% of revenue.

At Celebros, our solutions maximize the Long Tail by applying intelligent Semantic Search and conversion technologies. Therefore, every search term is analyzed and relevant, and accurate results are presented without the need to manually test and configure the information.


Ofer A.

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