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Woodworking Tools E-Retailer Crafts Higher Conversions With Celebros Conversion Pro V8

April 17, 2012

Celebros Inc., the global leader in e-commerce site-search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers, announces that, an online retailer of premier products for professional woodworkers and home craftsman, is now live with Celebros’ ConversionPro V8.

“With Conversion Pro V8, is now equipped with the most powerful and effective solution on the market,” said Ofer Alt, Celebros CEO. “As a retailer that sells premier products, ToolsToday can now offer their customers an enhanced shopping experience with the “best of breed” concept-based semantic site-search, merchandizing and easy navigation tools. We welcome them into the Celebros family.”

“With the feature rich Conversion Pro V8 that includes site search, guided navigation, auto complete, dynamic merchandizing, multi select, virtual categories, gift finder, cross sell, LiveSight HeatMaps and the LiveSite Analytics suite, will be able to keep their site fully optimized and moreover, they will see an increase in conversions, higher order values and additional revenue.” said Alt

Conversion Pro V8 is the ultimate tool for today’s online marketing and merchandising professionals specifically designed for online shops like that have large product inventories and small IT departments. With some 10,000 SKUs, is continually optimizing the way users search and navigate their site.

About is the online source for fine woodworking cutting tools, including saw blades, router bits, boring bits and other assorted cutters. The company mainly sells Amana products, which are recognized worldwide as the premier brand for the professional woodworker and home craftsman.


Three Easy Steps to Promoting Your Most Profitable Products

April 6, 2012

Merchandizing Best Practices:

Three Easy Steps to Promoting Your Most Profitable Products

By Ofer Alt, CEO

I think it’s fair to say that every e-tailer wants to promote – and sell — their most profitable products. If one of those hi-margin items happens to be the hot product du jour, it may already be flying off the virtual shelf.  But if those products are hard to find on your site, you need to promote them so they come up in search results and end up in your customers’ checkout basket. In other words, implementing a little merchandizing strategy will not only get your customer’s attention, it will bring you higher order values and increased conversions

The solution is easy and quick, and just happens to be one of ConversionPro V8’s most powerful features.  With just three easy steps you can create a promotion campaign that will showcase your most profitable products, narrow down the choices and redirect customers to your top brands.  Smart merchandising will boost your conversions and benefit your bottom line.

1.   Create a Category Promotion Campaign

Let’s say you want to create a Hunger Games category promotion as a tie-in with the wildly successful movie and books series.  Whether your shop sells outdoor survival gear, designer clothes, or jewelry, your Hunger Games category promotion will boost the products you select to show up first in search results without having to manipulate your catalog. The campaign is activated by a shopper’s search query, and hi-end items, like those golden-heel booties or fitted Lurex sweater worn by characters in the film, will come up first.

2.   Create an Alternative Products Campaign

Replacing low margin products with more profitable ones is easy when you create an Alternative Products Campaign. This will also allow you to replace products that typically have a low conversion rate with higher conversion rate products based on market trends and analytics.

3.   Create landing pages and redirect pages for top brands.

Landing pages and redirect pages are another way to bring shoppers to top brands.  These pages can include any information about your special tie-in, free shipping, etc.

So why not give your site an instant conversion boost with a special promotion campaign you can implement in minutes?  It’s a great way to merchandize your hi margin products and you’ll see immediate results.

With a minimal amount of merchandising effort, you’ll see “the odds will ever be in your favor.”

To learn how you can boost your conversions by 300-800% learn more about ConversionPro V8 today.

Beyond site search

March 21, 2012

by Ofer Alt, CEO

How Celebros is Redefining the World of e-Commerce

    with Conversion Technologies 

In the world of e-commerce, it’s fair to say that all e-retailers share a common goal: To convert browsers into paying customers. While an excellent site search function is key piece of the pie, how a site organizes, catalogs and merchandizes product are crucial ingredients for lowering bounce rates and increasing conversions.

Successful online shops accomplish their conversion goals by making their site easy to search and navigate and by staying relevant with industry trends.

At Celebros, we approach the e-commerce industry from a holistic perspective, with the understanding that no one feature functions in a vacuum.  We provide our customers with an intelligent site search solution, but we know that in order to make that search the best it can be, the site needs good merchandizing information.  Similarly, when analytics are thrown into the mix, the search function becomes that much stronger.  In other words, each component is connected and dependent on the other.

Early on, we recognized that we had an obligation to provide clients with a full spectrum solution.  We saw that when an e-retailer uses different solution providers — ie, one company for site search and merchandizing, another for analytics – the site isn’t optimized because these solutions don’t share a common language.

Our approach: Give our clients the ability to provide the best online shopping experience to their customers, convert browsers into paying customers, and increase revenues.

Celebros responded to the market demand for a one-stop shop solution with a full spectrum of what Celebros calls “Conversion Technologies.”  We took the holistic approach and developed ConversionPro V8, a feature-rich solution that goes beyond site search with 13 conversion technologies, all designed to increase conversions.

Created as the ultimate tool for today’s online merchandising professionals, Conversion Pro V8 boasts easy to use features and applications suitable for any size e-commerce site.  It’s the most powerful and fastest site-search, navigation and merchandizing tool available on the market.

ConversionPro V8’s features include intelligent site search;  auto complete technology; guided navigation; dynamic merchandizing; multi select; virtual categories; gift finder; cross sell and analytics with LiveSights technology.

With ConversionPro V8’s cutting edge conversion technologies, an e-retailer can create a Virtual Category to instantly introduce products as soon as a new trend hits the market or to meet a demand. Creating a Virtual Category is as easy as re-grouping products and creating new points of interest on your site. This feature is unique to Celebros and is not available on any other platform.

Imagine a feature that knows your inventory better than you do! With Cross Sell, e-retailers can expose customers to more products and increase average order size. Like any good salesperson, Cross Sell’s powerful recommendation engine “knows” your inventory and suggests additional items that may be of interest to your customers while they’re shopping.

Another unique feature is LiveSite analytics, which gives a real-time, “under the hood” look at what’s bringing visitors to your site. This also allows merchants to see what those potential customers are doing, why they’re not converting to paying customers, and make adjustments and tweaks as needed.

Successful e-retailers understand that they need a unique edge to stay in the game. Celebros’ conversion technologies continue to give hundreds of online shops that edge with conversion rates that soar 300 to 800 percent.

Join the global Conversion Technologies revolution and go beyond site search.

How Conversion Technologies Company Celebros, Creates Innovative Solutions for E-Commerce

March 6, 2012

By Ofer Alt, CEO

E-retailers spend a large part of their day giving customers the best online shopping experience — optimizing store performance, monitoring queries and clicks, maintaining their catalog – while trying to reduce “user abandonment.”  They also spend a significant amount of money to drive traffic to their site either using SEO or SEM, but fall short in converting the traffic once it gets to their site.   Celebros address this challenge with its latest and most innovative suite of conversion technologies specifically geared to helping e-retailers maximize the return on this investment by increasing their conversions.

Designed as the ultimate tool for today’s online merchandising professionals, Conversion Pro V8 boasts easy to use features and applications suitable for any size e-commerce site.   It is the most powerful and fastest site-search, navigation and merchandizing tool on the market.

Since our company was founded in 2000, our mission and focus has always been to help our clients achieve their goals.  We tailor all of our unique solutions to meet our clients individual needs, developing the most innovative solutions available based on their feedback.

The big idea:  Concept Based Technologies

In the past 12 years, Celebros has revolutionized e-commerce by creating intelligent, concept-based search solutions for online stores.  Since that time, Celebros has emerged as the industry leader in site-search, navigation and merchandizing conversion technologies, developing cutting edge solutions that employs the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology available.

Our company prides itself as being 100% retail focused.  Our conversion technologies allow online merchants of all sizes to have the effective tools they’ll need to convert visitors and browsers into paying customers, with results they will see immediately.  Conversion Pro V8 is designed as a full package for site search, dynamic navigation and merchandizing excellence along with accompanying features such as reports and analytics.

Among Conversion Pro V8’s powerful features is the flexibility to instantly create, monitor and update dynamic campaigns, based on active data taken from a shopper’s current choices and habits.  Think of it as having a live salesperson on the floor of your virtual shop.

The system combines that important user action-based information, including top queries and fallbacks, with streamlined, proactive merchandising features to create instant campaigns, tweak shoppers top queries, add synonyms, create virtual categories and manage refinement display.

User Friendly

Perhaps the most exciting feature in Conversion Pro V8 is the ability to create Virtual Categories™ on the go.  The reason it’s so exciting is because now merchants have the ability to bypass the hassle of making online hard-code changes to shop categories and catalogs while going directly to market with the desired changes.

Using cutting-edge conversion technologies, we created Conversion Pro V8 with the “best of breed” concept-based semantic technologies.  This simplifies those daily search and merchandizing tasks every retailer faces.   This new version allows an e-retailer to convert visitors that traditionally were falling by the sideways of the “Long-Tail” – where most revenues are.

Warp Speed, Bulls Eye Accuracy

Hundreds of online retailers around the world who employ Celebros conversion technologies understand the Celebros difference.  They understand that in addition to relevancy and accuracy, performance can make or break a solution.  To date, Celebros is the only in-memory site-search engine with the record response time of 0.05 seconds per query or less.  That’s because search results are indexed and pre-loaded into the system’s memory storage, making it the quickest for returning relevant and accurate search results each and every time.

Measurable Value, Better ROI

Another thing that sets us apart is our measurable value.  Celebros customers see immediate and dramatic results after going live with our solutions.  One client recently reported an immediate increase in conversions with the implementation of Conversion Pro V8.  This contributed to 37% of revenues, with a conversion rate of 8.08% – more than four times their previous rate of 1.75% without Conversion Pro V8.  Their Per Visit Value increased from $1.41  to  $7.37, and their Average Order Value (AOV) increase of 13%, from $80.70  to  $91.21.  Stickiness of the site tripled, with a pages per visit increase from five pages per visit to 15.   The average time on site more than tripled and their bounce rate was reduced to just over 2% from nearly 49%.

The bottom line is this:  With Celebros Pro V8, we continue to offer clients an industry-breaking technology that is shattering the E-commerce status-quo. Celebros conversion technologies empower our clients by giving them a unique edge,  the capabilities to intelligently convert visitors and browsers into paying customers — something every online merchant wants.

The Exact Science of Merchandising

August 19, 2008

Okay, well obviously there’s no EXACT science to merchandising, but what science really is precise?

As any retailer knows, merchandising is a never-ending, fine-tuning affair that can make all the difference in your bottom-line.

A recent NRF posting gave some great advice, that rang true.

Basically it can be summarized as such:

hindsight + recent trends + strategy and planning + timely (re)actions = merchandising success

The key is being aware of all these elements at once, and once you’ve got a handle on the “situation”, continue to persevere.

Yesterday’s treasure is so often today’s trash. People’s wants (and perceived wants) change quickly, and since people are your consumer base….

You are not a mind-reader, so you may not be able to accurately predict every detail of demand, no matter how much you plan. But if people don’t quite purchase as you’d predicted, don’t be proud, be flexible. Make changes to your promotions, and if possible actual inventory, on a regular, per need basis.

If you are not equipped to handle all this activity on your own, or simply don’t want to, there is help out there. I’ve always been an advocate of paying for services others can do better.

No rest for online retailers

July 15, 2008

You built your website, you ordered your inventory, you got the shopping cart working, the admins in place – what more is there?

A lot it turns out.

No matter how much maintenance you do, you always have to do more. Not only do you have to keep up with the functions you already have, the more you have, it often turns out, the more you need to add. Yup, just when you thought you finally had a handle on your website, it turns out you’re missing a whole host of features.

I read an article once about income that discussed how while making $100,000 a year seems like a lot of money, the problem is, once you make $100,000 a year, you have a whole new lifestyle you have to support. One generally assumes that earning six-figures would put an end to basic (financial) problems, but it turns out six-figure income earners dress a certain way, wear certain shoes, dine out more and perhaps participate in more cultural activities. The ante is upped with the income and basic needs suddenly become a lot more.

Similarly, as your online store takes form, you are confronted with a whole new set of now essential needs. The basics are not enough. You need solutions.

Joe Chung’s article “The Red Queen of E-Commerce” in E-Commerce Times, addresses this issue and offers a list of five must-have solutions for online retailers of today.

Number one, Interactive Merchandising, and the need to constantly and consistently update your site, is particularly well described.

Number four, Advanced Search and Guided Navigation, is also of particular interest. A search box alone is not enough. The site search needs to return accurate and relevant results. Simply put, customers need to be able to find products in order to buy them.

While this list will probably be expanded almost as you read this article, due to the fast paced nature of the online world, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start moving on the suggestions now. Keeping up-to-date with online retail developments is in itself, of course, a basic.

Managing your time and your merchandise

May 5, 2008

Welcome back to our Sales Team. Internet World 2008, according to all was a big success. Lots of interest in our site search & navigation solutions, especially the newer products like Cross-Sell and Traffic Builder. I’ve been nudging them for a picture the past few days, so hopefully I’ll have one soon to post here.

On a not so related topic, someone sent me the following series of stats from a 2007 Aberdeen Group study regarding online retailers:

  • 38% derive customer analytics data from site search activity, 31% personalize site search base on the purchase histories of unique customers or segments of customers
  • 41% say they spend very little time managing research
  • Amongst best in class 17% have staff dedicated to managing search results, and 33% spend more than 5 hours per week fine tuning search

What do we learn from all that? That not all retailers are using their time most effectively. That for many it really does pay to have someone else manage their merchandise. Hmmm, can you think of someone who can do that at a reasonable fee?……

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