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Woodworking Tools E-Retailer Crafts Higher Conversions With Celebros Conversion Pro V8

April 17, 2012

Celebros Inc., the global leader in e-commerce site-search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers, announces that, an online retailer of premier products for professional woodworkers and home craftsman, is now live with Celebros’ ConversionPro V8.

“With Conversion Pro V8, is now equipped with the most powerful and effective solution on the market,” said Ofer Alt, Celebros CEO. “As a retailer that sells premier products, ToolsToday can now offer their customers an enhanced shopping experience with the “best of breed” concept-based semantic site-search, merchandizing and easy navigation tools. We welcome them into the Celebros family.”

“With the feature rich Conversion Pro V8 that includes site search, guided navigation, auto complete, dynamic merchandizing, multi select, virtual categories, gift finder, cross sell, LiveSight HeatMaps and the LiveSite Analytics suite, will be able to keep their site fully optimized and moreover, they will see an increase in conversions, higher order values and additional revenue.” said Alt

Conversion Pro V8 is the ultimate tool for today’s online marketing and merchandising professionals specifically designed for online shops like that have large product inventories and small IT departments. With some 10,000 SKUs, is continually optimizing the way users search and navigate their site.

About is the online source for fine woodworking cutting tools, including saw blades, router bits, boring bits and other assorted cutters. The company mainly sells Amana products, which are recognized worldwide as the premier brand for the professional woodworker and home craftsman.


How Conversion Technologies Company Celebros, Creates Innovative Solutions for E-Commerce

March 6, 2012

By Ofer Alt, CEO

E-retailers spend a large part of their day giving customers the best online shopping experience — optimizing store performance, monitoring queries and clicks, maintaining their catalog – while trying to reduce “user abandonment.”  They also spend a significant amount of money to drive traffic to their site either using SEO or SEM, but fall short in converting the traffic once it gets to their site.   Celebros address this challenge with its latest and most innovative suite of conversion technologies specifically geared to helping e-retailers maximize the return on this investment by increasing their conversions.

Designed as the ultimate tool for today’s online merchandising professionals, Conversion Pro V8 boasts easy to use features and applications suitable for any size e-commerce site.   It is the most powerful and fastest site-search, navigation and merchandizing tool on the market.

Since our company was founded in 2000, our mission and focus has always been to help our clients achieve their goals.  We tailor all of our unique solutions to meet our clients individual needs, developing the most innovative solutions available based on their feedback.

The big idea:  Concept Based Technologies

In the past 12 years, Celebros has revolutionized e-commerce by creating intelligent, concept-based search solutions for online stores.  Since that time, Celebros has emerged as the industry leader in site-search, navigation and merchandizing conversion technologies, developing cutting edge solutions that employs the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology available.

Our company prides itself as being 100% retail focused.  Our conversion technologies allow online merchants of all sizes to have the effective tools they’ll need to convert visitors and browsers into paying customers, with results they will see immediately.  Conversion Pro V8 is designed as a full package for site search, dynamic navigation and merchandizing excellence along with accompanying features such as reports and analytics.

Among Conversion Pro V8’s powerful features is the flexibility to instantly create, monitor and update dynamic campaigns, based on active data taken from a shopper’s current choices and habits.  Think of it as having a live salesperson on the floor of your virtual shop.

The system combines that important user action-based information, including top queries and fallbacks, with streamlined, proactive merchandising features to create instant campaigns, tweak shoppers top queries, add synonyms, create virtual categories and manage refinement display.

User Friendly

Perhaps the most exciting feature in Conversion Pro V8 is the ability to create Virtual Categories™ on the go.  The reason it’s so exciting is because now merchants have the ability to bypass the hassle of making online hard-code changes to shop categories and catalogs while going directly to market with the desired changes.

Using cutting-edge conversion technologies, we created Conversion Pro V8 with the “best of breed” concept-based semantic technologies.  This simplifies those daily search and merchandizing tasks every retailer faces.   This new version allows an e-retailer to convert visitors that traditionally were falling by the sideways of the “Long-Tail” – where most revenues are.

Warp Speed, Bulls Eye Accuracy

Hundreds of online retailers around the world who employ Celebros conversion technologies understand the Celebros difference.  They understand that in addition to relevancy and accuracy, performance can make or break a solution.  To date, Celebros is the only in-memory site-search engine with the record response time of 0.05 seconds per query or less.  That’s because search results are indexed and pre-loaded into the system’s memory storage, making it the quickest for returning relevant and accurate search results each and every time.

Measurable Value, Better ROI

Another thing that sets us apart is our measurable value.  Celebros customers see immediate and dramatic results after going live with our solutions.  One client recently reported an immediate increase in conversions with the implementation of Conversion Pro V8.  This contributed to 37% of revenues, with a conversion rate of 8.08% – more than four times their previous rate of 1.75% without Conversion Pro V8.  Their Per Visit Value increased from $1.41  to  $7.37, and their Average Order Value (AOV) increase of 13%, from $80.70  to  $91.21.  Stickiness of the site tripled, with a pages per visit increase from five pages per visit to 15.   The average time on site more than tripled and their bounce rate was reduced to just over 2% from nearly 49%.

The bottom line is this:  With Celebros Pro V8, we continue to offer clients an industry-breaking technology that is shattering the E-commerce status-quo. Celebros conversion technologies empower our clients by giving them a unique edge,  the capabilities to intelligently convert visitors and browsers into paying customers — something every online merchant wants.

Location, location, location!

March 12, 2010

No, we are not talking about real estate, we are talking about the positioning of your search box!  We know we have mentioned this in our past posts before, but this New York Times article echoes volumes the same point…the location of your search box matters…BIG TIME!!

After Facebook changed their search box location from the right side to the top middle of its home page, they saw their search queries jump 10% in February!!

Just goes to show you how a simple page design change can make such a dramatic impact…

The Beauty of Ecommerce

February 23, 2010

Celebros is looking to do a series of interviews with its customers and partners to gain better insight into the best practices of ecommerce that we can share.  To kick off our series, we are speaking with Dr. Eisinger, from, a leading luxury perfume online retailer in Germany.

To begin, Dr. Eisinger, would you be able to please give us a brief summary on Beautynet?

Yes, Beautynet was established 11 years ago in 1999.  We are exclusively an online store that sells premium perfume brands, also known as “perfumeries”.  You may also obtain a small assortment of our perfumes at select hair salons in Germany.  60% of our customers are women and 40% are men. 

How do you feel about your growth over the past year?  Do you find your sales to be strongly dictated by beauty trends?

 2009 was a very good year for us and we showed considerable growth from 2008. Regarding our sales, I believe our business, in addition to the beauty/perfume industry as a whole is very much dictated by the release of new products.  20-30% of our sales are generated through new product sales; hence as long as there are new products, we shall be in good shape.

Do you feel that the state of the economy has had any impact on your shoppers and therefore on your sales performance? 

No, I don’t think so.  Beautynet, as well as the entire perfume industry was not really affected by the economic crisis.  These are products that people are buying year round.  I know for Christmas, we had sales on our perfume that did well and our shoppers were still buying. 

What are the challenges that face Beautynet at the moment?  What do you look to accomplish in 2010?

Well, our biggest challenge as mentioned before is making sure that there are enough new products to ensure successful sales and maintain the growth of our business, and the growth of the industry. 

Regarding technology, we are now looking into buying a new shop system.  I am quite sure we will buy Magento based on client recommendations, as we were told and have observed that it has good support and is more innovative than other solutions we examined.  It offers a lot in area of templates and web design.  Additionally, we are also looking to add a pay via invoice feature with the company SIT-Pay, which we currently do not provide. 

Shoppers are only able to pay via credit card or Prepay at the moment. The new mechanism reduces collection risks on our side and eliminates the need from the user to input credit card details – still a blocking factor for online shopping.  We tested it already on Christmas and will now implement it by the end of February.

Have you learned from the successes or failures of other sites that you admire or perhaps your competitors’ sites?

Yah, our biggest competitor is Douglass.  They have 65% of the German beauty market.  They are not very innovative but have abundant and perfect images (advertising materials) of the products they sell, which they are able to get directly from the supplier.

Do you know how much people are using comparison shopping between Beautynet and Douglass?

I think you do have a bit of that.  One big difference I notice though between Beautynet and Douglass is that we carry quite a lot more products.  Now after Christmas we are building up our product catalogue, but overall during the year we usually have more to choose from than what Douglass offers.  I know people here usually say that they want to buy everything in one go, so we have the advantage there because they can come to our site and find the majority of what they need when it come to perfume.

Amazon too is a strong competitor. At their site you can buy everything you had on your list all together from every goods category.  I believe it is also a trust issue with Amazon.  Many people are more comfortable shopping with Amazon because they feel more secure with their purchase.

Are you able to compete with the shipping prices of Amazon

Not really. But I don’t think this is where we have a problem.  It’s more the trust in security as discussed previously.

Where do you do most of your advertising?

We try to be on most of the comparison sites (provide data feed to Google and others).  We have more than 10,000 affiliates.  We have also collaborated with women’s magazines such as Women’s Day, where we use a lot of coupons.  Coupons are also distributed via e-mail marketing campaigns, for example on Christmas and Mother’s Day.  Additionally, coupons are distributed when customers provide data on the Beautynet site. 

Are you also using analytics to check which affiliates are converting better?

Yes, Google analytics.  It does not provide all possible reports but for us, this is good enough.

You have been a long time customer of Celebros.  How did you come to work with Celebros and how do you feel it is going?

Beautynet has definitely benefitted from Celebros services over the years.  I find that the monthly analytics-based reports are most valuable and help in the never-ending process of optimizing our site, especially with a frequent high intake of new products!  It also greatly facilitates our ability to regularly monitor our search.  There has repeatedly been an excellent reaction to our requests from the Celebros team. 

Do you use customer reviews?

No we do not have customer reviews though we should have.  It is on our list for 2010 to add this to our site.

What are you using for e-mail marketing?

We have our own software. 

Are you using reminders so that they can subscribe when something new comes in?

No, but customers that bought a lot of a certain brand that is going out of stock, receives an e-mail to inform them of the new product we have chosen to replace it.

Do you use recommendations? 

Yes, we have cross-selling.  At the moment we do it just by hand.  This is a big thing for us and we have to do it all manually.  This creates a lot of work for us at the moment. 

Okay, on that note, I would like to thank you very much for your time.  I certainly have learned a lot here from what you have shared with us.  I wish you and Beautynet much more continued success.

Thank you, it was a pleasure.

Automatic Satisfaction

July 15, 2009

Ever find the solution to all your problems to be so obvious that it was staring right back at you? Okay, well let me introduce you to AutoComplete.

Before you even finish typing the product name of what you wish to find, AutoComplete has already found it for you!  AutoComplete automatically presents a pop-up of completed terms or expressions that fit what you started to type. The product you had in mind or needed some guidance to find pops out! You are just one click away from your desired product.AutoComplete

Built on proven search technology, AutoComplete is adapted for your sites’ products and shoppers. Its results are based on the history of their frequent queries combined with products listed in your product catalogue.

AutoComplete makes searching a different experience, more interactive when suggestions of search terms are presented to you. You are being guided towards not only what you want, but also what’s popular. Your site will now have a true top-of-the-line modern search!

Online shopping complicated? Boring? Not anymore!

The Ultimate Purchase

July 29, 2008

Retailers have websites for numerous reasons.

Some stores exist only online. Others are in addition to their brick-and-mortars parent company.

Online stores, of all types, should ideally be built to sell. Products should be presented clearly, the site should be searchable, checkout should be painless.

The selling of products is a measurable matrix. You can see how many of each product was sold, how much revenue was generated, the conversion rate, average order size. Bottom-line sales, in other words, are easy to assess based on statistics.

But, as all retailers know, there is more to sales than exactly what is sold. Brand awareness, customer experience, the more esoteric dimensions, are also important.

In fact, as it turns out, particularly so in the world of online shopping.

A recent Neilson Online Study found that 80% buy from a store whose site they previously visited. That is a HUGE conversion rate.

The online/offline connection is especially driven by the fact that nowadays, many consumers do initial research on the web. They may ultimately make a purchase in a bricks-and-mortar store, but it is very likely that the final purchase will be based on information gathered online.

So aside from the fact that you want to be straight-up selling online, if you are indeed a multi-channel retailer, you may want to make sure that your web portal is as informative as possible, providing potential customers with all the types of information they desire, prior to making a purchase.

This includes up-to-date inventory, good product descriptions, interactivity and customer feedback functionality.

Your website is at minimal, another face to your business, if not your business in its entirety.

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